Pokemon Sword & Shield Legendary Clue 2 Guide: How to Catch Regieleki and Regidrago

When you first make your way to the Crown Tundra’s main town of Freezington and get acquainted with Peony and his lodge, he’ll hand you three stacks of paper. The TV-loving adventurer has watched a few too many shows on Legendary Pokemon, and he wants you to go and catch them. The three clues relate to different sets of legendary Pokemon that you’re free to tackle at any time. Here’s how to solve and complete the Clue 2 quest in Pokemon Sword and Shield: Crown Tundra.

Legendary Clue 2 relates to the legendary “Regi” Pokemon — Regice, Registeel, and Regirock — alongside two new creatures Regieleki and Regidrago who call this snowy hellscape their home as well. Just like when the original trio first appeared in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, their respective ruins are sealed shut. Getting in requires completing a complicated puzzle involving dangerous rapids, underwater expeditions, old fish, and braille. The Regi ruins in the Crown Tundra aren’t quite so cryptic, but they do still require a little thought and a relatively simple task to crack open.

Registeel – How to Open Registeel’s Ruin

You’ll find Registeel just a stone throw away from Freezington, within Giant’s Step. Just wander through the fence to the left of Peony’s lodge, follow the road, and you should come across it on your right. Read the door and the mismatched message from Peony’s notes will be revealed to read “Let ring the piercing note that will wake the giant of steel.”

You can overthink this to mean catching a nearby Bronzong with Metal Sound and having in your lead slot as you open the door, but the first ruin isn’t quite so picky about this sort of thing. The solution is actually shockingly simple – just click your Right Stick to whistle. That’ll sort the door right out.

Once inside, save your progress just in case. Step on the circles in any order so that they light up, then interact with the glowing statue to start your battle with Registeel.

Regirock puzzle answer

Regirock – How to Open Regirock’s Ruin

Next up is the classic stone golem, Regirock. You’ll find Regirock’s ruins further to the east of Giant’s Bed, so just go straight ahead when you leave Registeel’s ruin.

Stick to the right side of the zone as you travel and you should start to make your way down the mountain after spotting the mayor’s vegetable patches to the left. If you find yourself back in a snowy zone like Snowslide Slope, you’ve gone too far left. Keep to the right, traveling down the mountain, and you should come across the beginnings of a river. Head straight on and a pathway should lead you to Regirock’s ruin.

The method of how to open Regirock’s ruin is a little more cryptic than the last. The door will shed some light on the scribbled message of your notes and read “Let the first Pokemon hold a never-changing stone.” What this translates to is having the first Pokemon in your party hold an Everstone. If you don’t have one of these, you can toss 4 Hard Stones into the Cram-o-Matic in the Isle of Armor to get one.

Once the door is open, go inside, save your progress, light up the floor tiles, and catch your Regirock.

Regice puzzlel answer

Regice – How to Open Regice’s Ruin

The easiest way to find Regice’s ruin is to fly back to Registeel’s. Follow the same route as you did for Regirock, only start sticking to the left after you go downhill a little. Eventually, you should make a break into Snowslide Slope with a Watt Trader acting like a flagpole. You only need to down partway up the slope, so stick to the left again. When you come across an old wall, make a break through the tall grass beside it. You should then end up on a path down that will lead you straight to Regice’s ruin.

“Walk together with a living crystal of snow,” is the complete clue on the door here, with the answer being the Crystallizing Pokemon Cryogonal. Luckily, there are plenty of these wandering around the area here. Catch one, put it in the first spot of your team, and interact with the door again. It should open. Once inside, do the usual dance of lighting up the floor tiles, save your progress, and get to catching Regice.

Regieleki and Regidrago puzzle patterns

Regieleki & Regidrago – Where to Find the Final Ruin

With the original Regi trio in your collection, it’s time to catch one of the new ones. That’s right, you won’t have the opportunity to catch both. As Peony’s clue depicts, both Regieleki and Regidrago share a house – the aptly named Split-Decision Ruin. You’ll get the choice of which to fight and catch, but after that, you’ll have to trade with someone else to get the other.

The fourth and final Regi ruin is stuffed in Three-Point Pass. Fly back to Regirock’s ruin, but take a hard right turn when you leave the pathway. You should go under a stone archway. Take the right-most pathway through a field of very large Pokemon and follow the river into the large cave entrance. Take the tunnel to the right and make your way down through the cave. Eventually, you’ll end up back outside with a large frozen ocean in front. Follow this to a second shore on the right to hit Three-Point Pass and you’ll soon come across the final ruin on the left.

This door is self-explanatory. Just have Regirock, Registeel, and Regice in your party and it will open. Now it’s time to make your decision. Which Regi shows up here is down to which pattern you draw with the circles on the floor You want to match one of the two colored patterns depicted in Peony’s drawings. Draw the left pattern to spawn Regieleki or the right pattern for Regidraco.

You’ll have an opportunity to rethink your decision when you interact with the statue, but if you’re happy with your choice, just select Yes and you’ll start your battle. Catch this final Regi and head back to Peony to report your findings, completing Legendary Clue 2.

Regigigas den location

How to Get Regigigas in Crown Tundra

Things don’t end when you catch your four Regis and clear Clue 2. Just like with Keldeo, there’s one final secret encounter hidden in the Crown Tundra. To unlock Regigigas, all you need to do is take Regice, Registeel, Regirock, Regieleki, and Regidrago (trade for the one you didn’t pick) to a specific empty Dynamax Den in Giant’s Bed: just before the entrance to Snowslide Slope.

If you have the flight point at the base of Snowslide Slope, head there, do a 180-degree turn, and go left. You’ll see a Dynamax Den with 4 small rocks around it. If you somehow don’t have that teleport point, go to Regirock’s ruin and head deeper into Giant’s Bed, sticking to the left side as much as you can. You’ll go down the hills ever so slightly, but stick to the left and you’ll start to climb up toward Snowslide Slope. You should see the den just before you reach the snow.

Without all 5 Regi Pokemon in your team, you’ll be told the den is empty and, unlike other dens, you won’t get a prompt to toss a Wishing Piece down. That’s because it’s where you’ll find Regigigas instead. Put your Regi Pokemon into your party and it will start to glow. Interact with it again to unlock the Regigigas fight and get your chance to catch it. Be prepared, though: it’s a Lv. 100 Dynamax encounter you’ll need to take on alone and with your Regis (and one other Pokemon), making it one of the hardest encounters in the whole game.