Pokemon Sword and Shield Fossil Guide – Where to Find Fossils and How to Get Fossil Pokemon

Pokemon Sword and Shield may be the first core Pokemon game to appear on a Nintendo home console, but it still adheres to the majority of the series’ sensibilities. For example, there are three starter Pokemon to choose from, eight gyms to overcome, and a Pokemon Champion to unseat. There are also Pokemon fossils you can find that can be revived into new monsters for your team.

This time around, though, the process is an exercise in mixing and matching four different fossil types for a total of four potential Pokemon. In this guide, we’ll run down where to find each fossil type, and what combinations result in which Pokemon.

It’s important to note that the fossils available to you depend on which version of Pokemon Sword and Shield you’re playing. That means that in order to acquire all four fossil Pokemon, you’re going to need to trade with someone who owns the other version.

cara liss

In order to turn the fossils into live Pokemon, you’ll need to take them to professor Cara Liss. She can be found along Route 6 just before you arrive in the town of Stow-on-Side. Head up the small hill to the left of the campsite and you’ll see her hanging out with a machine she uses to turn fossils into living Pokemon.

Here’s where to find the fossils she’ll revive for you.

Where to Find Fossils in Pokemon Sword and Shield

There are four kinds of fossils in Pokemon Sword and Shield:

  • Fossilized Bird (Pokemon Sword)
  • Fossilized Dino (Pokemon Sword)
  • Fossilized Fish (Pokemon Shield)
  • Fossilized Drake (Pokemon Shield)

In Pokemon Sword, you can find  the Bird and Dino Fossils near the professor on Route 6 and from an NPC inside the Stow-on-Side Pokemon Center. In Pokemon Shield, however, you’ll find the Fish and Drake Fossils in these locations.

digging duo

Fossils can also be found in the Wild Area. Head to the Bridge Field region and talk to the Digging Duo. They’re the two brothers located near the Pokemon Nursery, and will find an item for you if you pay them 500 Watts. The rewards you get from digging are random, but there’s a chance for all the fossils to pop up here.

Each brother has a different probability of finding items. The brother standing nearest the Pokemon Nursery typically digs up better items for you, but will get tired a lot quicker. The other brother is good at finding lots of items during a single excavation, but the’re usually more common.

What Fossil Pokemon You Can Get in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Once you have at least two fossils in your inventory, visit Cara Liss. If you have a matching combination, she’ll offer to put them together to make you a new Pokemon. Here are the four fossil Pokemon you can get, and their specific fossil combinations.

  • Dracozolt (electric and dragon type) Fossilized Bird and Fossilized Drake
  • Arctozolt (electric and ice type) – Fossilized Bird and Fossilized Dino
  • Dracovish (water and dragon type) – Fossilized Fish and Fossilized Drake
  • Arctovish (water and ice type) – Fossilized Fish and Fossilized Dino

And that’s the lowdown on all the fossil Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Which ones did you find? Let us know in the comments section!