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Pokemon Legends: Arceus Normal Type Guide - Weakness, Advantages

Pokemon Legends: A Normal Pokemon

Another mainline Pokemon installment means pretending I know all the different type strengths and weaknesses, only to continually look them up mid-battle. As the most basic group out there, Normal type Pokemon are remarkably straightforward. Even so, we’ve prepared a whole guide for them. Need to know their weaknesses and counters? Strengths and advantages? Best Pokemon to hunt for? Look no further!

If you’re looking for a complete Pokemon type chart, we have that as well, just head to the link below!

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Pokemon Normal Type Weaknesses & Counters

Normal type Pokemon are unique in that they have very few inherent counters but also few offensive boons. Fighting type moves are their main weakness, dealing double the damage they normally would. Pure Normal Pokemon may have difficulties against Ghost types because Normal moves do not effect them. Hitting hard things also sucks, so anything that is Rock or Steel will find itself taking half as much damage from their moves.

You’ll want to use Pokemon of the following three types. The former to deal more damage or the latter to ensure you take very little.

  • Fighting: While you can use a pure Fighting type like Machamp, you might be better off using a Pokemon with a combination of types like Infernape or Lucario. The latter is the ultimate counter against any Normal type Pokemon. Lucario will both deal double damage with Fighting moves and take half-damage from Normal moves since Steel is its secondary type.
  • Rock: Literally any Rock type will have an advantage. It doesn’t even have to be a primary type. Kleavor, Golem, Rhydon, or anything else. The choice is yours.
  • Steel: Same story as the Rock types above. Magneton, Steelix, Empoleon, and others are a solid choice.

A lot of what you end up choosing here will depend on the Pokemon’s secondary type since Normal has so few interactions. If you simply want to make sure you never faint, bust out Aggron or any other Rock and Steel Pokemon. It’ll take only 25% of the damage from Normal moves.

Need a quick cheat sheet?

Normal Moves Are Super Effective Against None
Normal Moves Are Not Very Effective Against Rock, Steel
Normal Moves Have No Effect Against Ghost
Normal Pokemon Take Double Damage From Fighting
Normal Pokemon Take No Damage From Ghost

Pokemon Normal Type Advantages

On the opposite side of things, Normal Pokemon have no real boons. As we just mentioned, they can’t hit Ghost types with their Normal moves. That goes both ways, however. Normal type Pokemon are completely immune to any Ghost moves.

This means a Normal type Pokemon are okay against them. I wouldn’t call it a counter, however, since you can’t hit them either.

  • Ghost: Zoroark, Drifblim, Mismagius, etc.

Best Normal Type Pokemon in Arceus

Until we get our hands on Pokemon Legends: Arceus, there’s no real way to know who the strongest Pokemon are since lots can change. For now, however, we’re comfortable saying the best Normal Pokemon are likely those that are Legendary or of the highest evolution possible.

  1. Arceus
  2. Zoroark
  3. Blissey
  4. Snorlax
  5. Ursaring

Again, this is just a list of the safest Pokemon to pursue as they’re either safe picks or have historically been good. We’ll update this list once the game has released. Have your own recommendations? Let your fellow trainers know in the comments below.

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