Pokemon GO World Tourism Day Info – Shiny Seviper, Mime Jr., Zangoose

Those regionals ain't moving for nobody!

Pokemon GO is all about the adventure. Niantic has made that clear for years now. The company gets you going places like Yokohama just to throw virtual balls at virtual monsters, after all. Sticking with that theme, Pokemon GO is celebrating World Tourism Day with a brand-new event. It’s even in partnership with the United Nations World Tourism Organisation! Although most folks will just want to know about Shiny Seviper, Mime Jr., and more.

Despite its more worldwide connotations, the Pokemon GO World Tourism Day event is like a miniature revival of the mega-popular Adventure Week. There are a few small-scale bonuses for spinning PokeStops, a couple of new shiny Pokemon like Shiny Zangoose and Shiny Seviper, and the second coming of regionals. Just don’t get too excited by that prospect… There are some caveats.

Pokemon GO World Tourism Day Event – When is it?

Pokemon GO World Tourism Day event is set to take place today, Sept. 26 through to Oct. 1. It comes and goes at 1 p.m. PDT, so be sure to take your local timezone into account. What may mean a nice early afternoon walk for some will actually be a nighttime stroll for others. Or, you know, you could skip them altogether.

Pokemon GO tourism eggs

Pokemon GO World Tourism Day Bonuses

So what do we have to look forward to during this whole World Tourism Day event, anyway? It’s all about shiny Pokemon and regional Pokemon for the most part!

The event is clearly to encourage players to venture outside of their regular regions. Although the amount of players likely to take a last-minute flight across the world is probably rather small. Those who do, however, will have an easier time coming across the area’s regional Pokemon. Who knows? Maybe you already have a trip scheduled for this week.

Every available regional Pokemon will hatch from the already stacked 5 k.m. egg pool for the duration of the event. But, unlike the Pokemon GO Ultra Bonus event, they’ll remain locked to their usual regions. That makes this whole World Tourism event… a little lackluster for those hoping for another chance to score some typically unavailable Pokemon.

This means post-Gen 1 regional Pokemon — like Heracross, Relicanth, Pachirisu, and even the new Gen 5 regionals like Pansage, Heatmor, and Durant — will hatch from 5 k.m. eggs. However, they’re still restricted to only in the regions they usually spawn in anyway.

Outside of that, the two rival Pokemon from Gen 3 (Seviper and Zangoose) will debut their shiny forms. That means Shiny Zangoose and Shiny Seviper are finally attainable in Pokemon GO. Again, these will stay in their respective regions. That means Shiny Zangoose for Europe, Asia, and Australia. Whereas Shiny Seviper is found across Africa and the Americas. These two Pokemon did rotate not long after they were introduced, but there’s no mention of this happening again.

What the official Pokemon website mentions (that the Pokemon GO website does not) are the specially themed Research Tasks available from PokeStops. These will be available during the event. They will involve local regional Pokemon in some way… But we just have to wait and see what they are.

Then, for Europe at least, there’s the release of Mime Jr. — the baby form of Europe’s regional Mr. Mime. As is the going trend with the Pokemon GO World Tourism Day event, Mime Jr. will be exclusive to 5 k.m. eggs in Europe. To rub more salt in the wounds of those outside the continent, there’s even the chance of a Shiny Mime Jr.! Even though the overpopulated 5 k.m. egg pool make your odds of landing Shiny Mime Jr. in Pokemon GO astronomically low. We’ll touch on that more below.

Outside of actual Pokemon, the Pokemon GO World Tourism Day event cuts trade stardust down by a quarter. It also awards two times the usual XP for new PokeStop spins, and the aforementioned themed Field Research tasks. So it’s not like there’s absolutely nothing to do if you stay local!

Shiny Zangoose, Seviper, and Mime Jr.

Shiny Zangoose and Shiny Seviper Rates – Pokemon GO

This would usually be an easy question to answer. After all, the general understanding is that you have a 1 in 450 chance of encountering shiny Pokemon out in the wild. What makes things different this time is that these shiny introduction events typically bump the rates up for the featured Pokemon for a time.

There’s no absolute data to say how much they might be boosted this time. However, based on past events like for Plusle and Minun, shiny odds should be similar to that of Community Day. That boosts them to around 1 in 24. Again, there’s no guarantee this will be the case with Shiny Zangoose and Shiny Seviper during the Pokemon GO World Tourism Day! It’s just something to keep in mind.

Shiny Mime Jr. Rates – Pokemon GO

For those who do find themselves in and around Europe during the event, we don’t even suggest going out of your way to attempt to hatch a shiny Mime Jr.

Mime Jr. will be available in 5 k.m. eggs throughout the event. It’s good to note that the odds of hatching a shiny baby Pokemon are typically around 1 in 50 (far better than your typical encounter), but due to the massive 5 k.m. egg pool — especially so with choice regionals being added for the event — the chance of hatching a Mime Jr. in the first place is already pretty low. It currently sits at around 1 in 60.

That’s a 1 in 60 chance of hatching Mime Jr. to begin with. Then factor in another 1 in 50 chance of it being a shiny. Those odds are starting to look much more like standard wild Pokemon shiny rates now. Anyone who plays Pokemon GO already can tell you that those aren’t exactly common in practice.

Regional Pokemon Map List – Pokemon GO

If you’re not entirely sure which Pokemon are available in your region, refer to the list down below! This will give you an idea of what to expect from your 5 k.m. eggs and which Pokemon you might run into, now that Pokemon GO spawn points have been shuffled around in a recent hotfix.

Here are the Pokemon available in your region during the Pokemon GO World Tourism Day event:

  • Farfetch’d: Eastern Asia
  • Kangaskhan: Australia
  • Mime. Jr: Europe
  • Mr. Mime: Europe
  • Tauros: North America (southern Canada, continental USA, Mexico)
  • Heracross: South America, Central America, Mexico, and southern Florida/Texas
  • Corsola: Near the Equator
  • Torkoal: Western/South East Asia
  • Zangoose: Europe, Asia, Australia
  • Seviper: North America, South America, Africa
  • Solrock: North America, South America, and Africa
  • Lunatone: Europe, Asia, and Australia
  • Relicanth: New Zealand, Fiji, Vanuatu, New Caledonia
  • Illumise: North America, South America, Africa
  • Volbeat: Europe, Asia, Australia
  • Tropius: Africa, Middle East, Mediterranean (Crete)
  • Pachirisu: Canada, Russia, and Alaska
  • Chatot: Southern Hemisphere
  • Carnivine: Southeast U.S.
  • Shellos: East Prime Meridian (Pink) / West Sea (Blue)

While it’s hardly a reason to spend top dollar on a last-minute flight across the world, it’s worth heading out of the house to find a shiny Zangoose or Seviper during the Pokemon GO World Tourism Day event. Just don’t hold your breath for much more than that.


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