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In Planet Zoo, your animals have a range of needs that all contribute to their overall welfare. Things like nutrition, social interaction, and habitat enrichment all impact their happiness. Each of these has a wider affect on your zoo’s success. In addition to food and toys, animals also require shelter from inclement weather. This need is displayed as a statistic called “Hard Shelter” in an animal’s info panel underneath the “Habitat” subsection. In this guide, we’ll show you how to build hard shelters in Planet Zoo in order to meet this need.

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What Is Hard Shelter?

Shelters are an essential part of any enclosure. In addition to providing cover from weather, shelters also help reduce an animal’s stress levels. Being exposed can make animals uncomfortable, so they need a way to hide from guests when they’re feeling particularly shy.

Before you start plopping down structures and sculpting terrain though, you need to estimate how much shelter you’re going to need. There are a couple ways to see information regarding how well-covered your animals are. The first is to simply select an animal inside within the barrier and navigate to the “Habitat” section. Here, you’ll see if their hard shelter needs are being met. 

Another method is to click on the habitat’s barrier or gate and tab over to the “Animals” section. The “Habitat Content” drop down features four important stats: feeders, water stations, bedding, and, you guessed it, shelter. It’s this gauge that’s going to be the most useful way to monitor how much shelter an enclosure actually needs. This is mostly due to the fact that different habitats require varying amounts of shelter. By far, the biggest variable is how many animals you’ve got in the habitat; more animals means a higher hard shelter requirement. 

Types of Hard Shelter

There are two ways to build hard shelter in Planet Zoo. The first, and simplest, is to simply buy and place an existing structure. To do so, click the “Habitat” button at the bottom of the screen, click the “Beds and Shelter” button, and choose the one you want. Pop it down and watch the shelter gauge for the habitat climb. Make sure you add some bedding to the floor of the shelter, too!

The other method is to sculpt some shelter out of the terrain. Using the terrain tools, you can carve a cave out of the land, giving your animals a natural-looking place to hunker down. This is a good option if you want to make sure your shelter blends well with the rest of the enclosure. 

Using the Terrain Tools to Build a Hard Shelter

To build a cave, select the “Terrain” menu at the bottom right of the screen. Then, choose the “Terrain Stamp Tool.” Here, you can select from four geometric shapes: cupe, sphere, cylinder, and pyramid. Choose your favorite and hover the mouse over the terrain. You’ll see a wire frame outline of what your stamp tool will create. Adjust the size parameters in the stamp menu to make something that you like.

It’s important to note the “Fill” option in the terrain settings, which is checked by default. Unchecking the box will allow you to simply create a dent in the ground that’s the base of the shape you currently have selected. Leaving the box checked will build the shape out of earth above ground.

Once you’ve got your desired shelter shape, you’ll have to actually carve out a spot where the animals can hang out. To do so, navigate to the “Sculpting” menu in the terrain tools and select the “Push” option. Hover over the side of your structure and hold down left click to begin burrowing into the earth. Once you feel it’s deep enough, select the “Flatten to Foundation” sculpting tool and use it to make a flat surface inside your cave. And there you have a basic hard shelter made with terrain tools! To make it feel more natural, paint it with some ground coverage types favored by the animals, and use the preferred foliage options to decorate it.

And that’s everything you need to know about building hard shelter in Planet Zoo! What kind of shelters have you made for your animals? Let us know in the comments section!


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