Phasmophobia Dirty Water Guide – How to Get Dirty Water to Appear

Phasmophobia is one of the latest indie games taking Twitch by storm, as thousands of players flock to this ghost hunting experience. Revolving around a team of people attempting to identify what type of entity is haunting a location, this game can be rather cryptic at times. This makes it a little challenging to new players and that’s without even considering the murderous demons, banshees, and spirits you’ll encounter. Perhaps one of the most obnoxious optional objectives you’ll frequently encounter is capturing a photo of dirty water in a sink. Despite sounding simple on paper, getting this to actually happen is a bit frustrating.

Here is how Dirty Water works in Phasmophobia:

How to Get Dirty Water

Dirty water is created when a ghost interacts with any sink throughout the haunted building. Sometimes you’ll arrive and the spirit will already have turned the faucet on. If this is the case, all you need to do is bring your camera and locate the sink that is filled with water. If the water is dirty just take a photograph before resuming your investigation. However, this scenario is pretty unlikely unless you’re dealing with a rather restless spirit like a poltergeist or the room they’re haunting has a sink in it. Instead, you will need to go around to all the faucets and interact with them. Doing so will cause the water to slowly fill up the sink. Once the sink is full just turn the faucet it off and let the water sit. Ghosts can still dirty the water, despite not being the ones to turn on the faucet.

If the sink’s water still hasn’t turned brown you will need to annoy the ghost enough that is starts lashing out at the environment around it. One of the best ways to do this is to use the entity’s name or ask it questions as a way to coax it out of hiding. This isn’t a guarantee, however, as some beings like the Jinn will need an extra nudge like being in their haunted room. If you’re against a mare, turn the lights off in the room with the sink since they are more active when in darkness. For those against a demon just don’t bother with the water and get the hell out of the building before it kills you.

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Snapping a picture of dirty water isn’t always required, so only do this if it appears on your whiteboard in the truck. Additionally, seeing dirty water does not count as witnessing Ghost Activity, so there’s really no point to this unless you are tasked to do so. Instead, redirect your efforts to figuring out what type of ghost you are dealing with, since the dirty water won’t give you any real type of evidence. That being said, I do recommend checking out any room that has dirty water when you arrive, as that could indicate where the ghost is haunting. Again, this is only if the water is running when you first enter, not once you fill up all the sinks with water!