Phasmophobia Demon Guide – Tips for Hunting & Identifying a Demon

There are a lot of things that go bump in the night in Phasmophobia, but one of the most terrifying is the demon. A super aggressive entity, the demon will attack often and without reason making investigations quite difficult. However, the demon isn’t unconquerable and any seasoned ghost hunter will need to deal with this creature eventually.  That being said, the demon is a little easier to deal with once you’ve unlocked a few items — especially in the larger levels such as the asylum or high school. But if you’re brand new to Phasmophobia or just struggling to gather enough evidence on this being, here is everything you need to know about the demon.

(Author’s Note: I am writing this under the assumption that you only have the base gear and haven’t leveled up enough to acquire better ghost hunting items.)

Identifying the Demon

  • Freezing Temperatures
  • Ghost Writing
  • Spirit Box

When attempting to identify a demon, your first clue will often be the freezing temperatures in a room. This is discovered by either seeing your character’s breath or using the digital thermometer. You are looking for anything below 32 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 degrees Celcius, otherwise, it’s not considered a freezing temperature. I see this trip up a lot of new players because one of the optional quests typically asks you to find a room or area below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure the temperature of the room is below the numbers listed above, as this will narrow down your selection of possible ghosts.

Now that we found a room with freezing temperatures, the next step is to narrow down what exactly the entity is. I like to set up the camera, writing book, and spirit box in the room, before sweeping it with the EMF Reader to see if we reach number 5. For the open book, I often like to throw it down in places where either I can see it without going into the room or via the camera I’ve set up. Once you have your equipment placed, go back to the truck and watch for any ghost orbs or writing. If you do get ghost writing, the last step is to use to spirit box in an attempt to communicate. Remember, you can throw the device down while it’s on, freeing up your hands.

Some questions I like to ask are:

  • Where are you?
  • Give us a sign
  • Make a noise
  • Is there anyone here
  • Do you want us to leave?

If it’s a demon, there’s a good chance it will answer one of your questions. That being said, you may need to use its real name to prod it a bit into responding. This can be dangerous, especially if it’s a demon, so don’t try to antagonize the demon too much right away. You can also just use process of elimination if the demon isn’t talking, as the only other ghost that has freezing temperatures and ghost writing is a yurei. If you get those two qualities but do not have any ghost orbs appearing then you have yourself a demon.

Dealing With the Demon

Now that you’ve identified the demon, it’s time to complete your optional objectives. Demons are the most aggressive ghost in the game, which can make your work extremely difficult. I’ve had instances where it started hunting players about 20-30 seconds after its previous hunt ended. You will know when it’s hunting because your radio is giving off static and flashlights will turn on and off rapidly. To survive a hunt, hide in a closet, locker, or small room like a bathroom until things return to normal. Do not speak during the hunt — ever.

Always, always, always have an escape plan or hiding spot in mind if you’re up against a demon. This creature really doesn’t care what you’re doing when it attacks, so have a plan to run if your light starts flickering. In a pinch, you can kite the demon around a kitchen island or table since it moves at the same speed as you running. Obviously, this isn’t ideal, but it could help you stay alive if the demon catches you off guard.

Ouiji Boards are also great tools for demons, as using one will not cause your sanity to drop if it’s a demon. There is a bit of a risk here since you can tank your sanity if the entity is anything but this creature. That being said, the Ouiji Board can drastically cut down your time hunting for the demon’s room by asking “Where is it?” when the board is lit up. If you do find a board I recommend having someone go back to the truck to watch everyone’s sanity. They can then relay information about the user’s sanity and if it’s not moving or going down.

Additionally, I recommend trying to complete as many objectives as possible at once. The longer you linger inside, the higher chance this creature will attack. You will want to minimize your exposure to the demon, so quickly get in, run your tests, and get out. Alternatively, you can also travel in pairs if you’re in investigating a smaller location like a house or cabin. This will not only help your team manage their sanity but ensure that everyone isn’t fighting over hiding spots when the ghost eventually starts hunting people.

Just remember, there’s no shame in cutting your losses if some of the optional objectives are too tricky. Sometimes it’s better to escape and make some money, then lose everything because the demon killed you. Always play it safe with demons, as their tendency to constantly attack can make completing tasks rather difficult.