Persona 5 Royal Crossword Guide – Every Crossword Puzzle Answer

Persona 5 Royal is the bigger, badder, and better version of the already superb Persona 5. Along with an almost comical amount of new additions and balance changes, developer Atlus has streamlined some in-game features so they aren’t as oppressive. One of these is the crossword puzzle, a mini-game that used to take up an entire day or night’s worth of Joker’s time is now a side activity. Available only on certain days and with new answers, the crossword puzzle is an easy way to gain some extra points of Knowledge for essentially no work at all.

Similar to the television game show, Joker can find the crossword puzzle in Cafe LeBlanc and complete it with no penalty to how Joker spends his time. This means, you can finish a day of school, rush to the cafe, complete the crossword puzzle, and still meet up with Ryuji for whatever dumb nonsense he has planned for the afternoon. However, veterans of Persona 5 will quickly notice that all the answers in the crossword puzzle have changed, which can be a bit frustrating since they can be quite tricky.

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Crossword Puzzle Answers

Below is a table containing all the Persona 5 Royal crossword questions and answers you will need. You can find the crossword puzzle in the back left table in Cafe LeBlanc. If you see a magazine on the table with a colorful cover, that means there’s a new crossword for Joker to try. You have unlimited attempts, but ending the day before completing the puzzle will cause that one to be lost forever.

Keep in mind, you do not need to complete the other sections of the crossword to complete this mini-game. Only the highlighted part of the crossword needs to be finished. Once you input the correct answer, the game with auto-complete the rest of the puzzle and Joker will gain a few points of Knowledge.

Crossword Puzzle NumberQuestionAnswer
Crossword Puzzle 1How school years are divideSEMESTERS
Crossword Puzzle 2Hanami: cherry (?) viewingBLOSSOMS
Crossword Puzzle 3Time for a trip: (?) WeekGOLDEN
Crossword Puzzle 4What are the May Blues?MALAISE
Crossword Puzzle 5Where art is shown off and soldGALLERY
Crossword Puzzle 6A type of outdoor allergyPOLLENOSIS
Crossword Puzzle 7Nihonga: (?) cultural artworkJAPANESE
Crossword Puzzle 8Label for an uparalleled artistMASTER
Crossword Puzzle 9Held to inform the publicCONFERENCE
Crossword Puzzle 10Changes with the seasonWARDROBE
Crossword Puzzle 11Exchanged all over the worldCURRENCY
Crossword Puzzle 12A border between air massesFRONT
Crossword Puzzle 13Medicine of varying legalityNARCOTICS
Crossword Puzzle 14Many students' greatest love VACATION
Crossword Puzzle 15These gauge student knowledgeFINALS
Crossword Puzzle 16A seasonal sky-bound eventFIREWORKS
Crossword Puzzle 17A stationary hotspot: heat (?)ISLAND
Crossword Puzzle 18Necessary for daresCOURAGE
Crossword Puzzle 19A common skin injurySUNBURN
Crossword Puzzle 20 When it's too hot to sleepSWELTERING
Crossword Puzzle 21Techy term for e-infiltrationHACKING
Crossword Puzzle 22Localized destructive stormTYPHOON
Crossword Puzzle 23Tsukimi: lunar viewing (?)FESTIVAL
Crossword Puzzle 24Establishing an order of worthRANKING
Crossword Puzzle 25Absorbs the most lightBLACK
Crossword Puzzle 26Co-opted Celtic holidayHALLOWEEN
Crossword Puzzle 27Lined up at school festivalsSTALLS
Crossword Puzzle 28Tipster hotlines offer thisREWARD
Crossword Puzzle 29Laying into someoneBASHING
Crossword Puzzle 30Draws people to youCHARISMA
Crossword Puzzle 31AKA sweating sicknessINFLUENZA
Crossword Puzzle 32What lights do for store signageILLUMINATION
Crossword Puzzle 33Politicians thrive on this ratingAPPROVAL
Crossword Puzzle 34Joyful holiday with an intruderCHRISTMAS
Crossword Puzzle 35A type of wish. New Year's (?)RESOLUTION

Remember, this can only be done at Cafe LeBlanc, so make sure to always check his store before turning in for the evening. Since it doesn’t advance time, you should always be completing these puzzles to increase your Knowledge. This stat takes a long time to increase, especially later on into the game, so every little bit helps. You can even act like you totally figured out the crossword puzzle yourself! Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone you cheated.