Paper Mario The Origami King Whispering Woods Chest Guide – How to Open It

Paper Mario: The Origami King is now available and it’s full of the charming, humorous storytelling you expect from the franchise. With a new battle mechanic and puzzles to solve, players will encounter quite a few unique, wavy scenarios during their journey. One of the earliest puzzles you’ll come across is tied to a chest surrounded by spikes in the Whispering Woods. This is the first area after the prologue where some more aspects of the gameplay are introduced. If you are looking to collect everything in Paper Mario: The Origami King, then you won’t want to pass this chest up.

How to Open the Whispering Woods Chest

After you land and meet up with Olivia again, she will walk you through how to patch holes in the world. After having her join your party again, progress through Whispering Woods until you reach a chest up on a cliff surrounded by spikes. If you try to open it normally you’ll surely die as the spikes deal a lot of damage if you touch them. Ignore the spikes for now and head to the right where the small gathering of trees with long vines are. Unsurprisingly, you can tug on these vines by approaching them, which will trigger different things depending on which vine you grab.

Head to the front middle tree and tug that vine to cause a bunch of large leaves to spread out on the path you just used. Hop down and hit one of the leaves with your hammer by pressing B. This will flip it over and reveal a picture of a classic Super Mario item. You will then need to find another leaf on the ground that has the same image to match them up. If you pick the wrong one, both leaves will flip over, forcing you to start over again. Matching a pair of leaves will not only remove them from the board but give you that item! After you match every single pair, a Star will spawn and start bouncing around.

Grab the Star to become briefly invincible, allowing you to traverse the spike platforms on your left around the chest. This is on a timer, so quickly move up to the chest and unlock it to earn a Peach’s Castle figurine! Make sure to jump down once you grab the item, otherwise, the Star’s power will vanish and you’ll take damage. Along with this puzzle, you can pull the other vines to reveal confetti, a Faded Fire Flower item, and some coins. The back right tree’s vine you’ll need to pull three times to cause a log to fall down, allowing you to progress to the next area.

Both the Shriveled Mushroom and Faded Fire Flower you just got can be restored to their full power a little farther along in the level. You’ll eventually approach that spring that various items fell into and will be given the option to toss items into it. Doing this with the Shriveled Mushroom and Withered Fire Flower will restore them to their full glory, making them usable items in-battles!


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