Paper Mario Origami King – How to Enter the Whispering Woods Cabin

Paper Mario: The Origami King is the latest installment in this beloved RPG series from Nintendo. While it will easily take you between 30-40 hours to complete the main campaign, there are a ton of side objectives for you to complete. Since there’s no New Game Plus, players will need to venture out into the world and find all the secrets before defeating King Olly in the final battle. One of the earliest areas you’ll come across but cannot access is the Whispering Woods cabin. This can lead to some confusion, as the cabin explains that it will only open once the owner has returned.

Here’s how and when you can open up the Whispering Woods cabin.

Paper Mario Origami King

How to Open the Whispering Woods Cabin

Opening up the Whispering Woods cabin is a two-step process that cannot be completed until you are sailing around The Great Sea for the second time. This isn’t until much later in the game, so don’t expect to open up this oyster anytime soon. Just wait until you’re tasked with hunting down the purple streamer after you defeat Hole Punch in the desert. After you obtain the submarine and blow away the fog, head north to grid C3. Put the ship over the X, lower the submarine, and use the mechanical arms to grab the oyster. Mario will then add this to his inventory and you can then go to B1 to use the Pipe.

Head back to Toad Town and then go south out of the village from the main square. Follow the path east to the Whispering Woods campsite and head up the hill. For now, run by the cabin and approach the campfire in the bottom left corner  You should see a red Magic Circle in the corner near the fire, so approach it and use Olivia. This causes the Fire Vellumental to ignite the fire around the different stumps. You can now throw the oyster on and cook it to open to reveal a Toad. This is the owner, who will quickly rush to his cabin after a brief dialogue exchange.

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Now approach the cabin door and head inside. You will find the half-naked Toad, along with a treasure chest that has a Great Grand Sappy trophy! This should be complete all the treasures for this area if you’ve been diligent about finding all the secrets. After you’re finished, just head back to Toad Town via the way you came and then go to the port to use the boat once again. There are quite a few secrets and Toads you cannot access until much later in the game, so considering revisiting old areas once you’ve destroyed all the streamers. This is essential if you want to achieve a 100% completion rating.