Paper Mario The Origami King – How to Open the Toad Town Manhole

After dancing it up with the trees of the Whispering Woods you have finally made it to Toad Town in Paper Mario: The Origami King. Unfortunately, the city has had better days, as massive paper eating Goombas are roaming around the area. What’s worse is the drawbridge to Peach’s Castle has been smashed so you’ll need to find a new entrance! Thankfully, there’s a conveniently placed manhole just to the left of the drawbridge – wow, Mario sure is lucky, huh? To open the manhole you’ll need to find a claw that is capable of providing enough leverage so Mario can lift it. Here’s where to locate the claw, open the manhole cover, and progress beyond Toad Town.

Where to Find the Manhole Claw

When you arrive in Toad Town, head down the left road until you reach a staircase that has a hole at the top. Fill the whole with confetti and then go to the house directly on your left. You should see a large Goomba devouring a helpless Shy Guy. Use your confetti to repair the door and then enter the house. You cannot use the other door since the Goomba is blocking it, so go to the dresser on the right and hit it with your hammer. This will cause a shelf to pop open, creating a makeshift staircase.

Climb the shelf and hit the window with your hammer to open it. Once you’re in the backyard, attack the Goomba’s weak point when it turns away and then give it three more good whacks with the hammer. This will cause it to explode, freeing the Shy Guy. This masked friend will inform you that there is a claw in the brick building by the port capable of opening the manhole.

Leave the building and head all the way over to the right side of town. Once you reach the port you’ll see a massive bright red brick building. Enter through the door and approach the box in the bottom right corner. Pull out the Koopa Trooper and hit the shelf to the right with your hammer. This will cause the cardboard box to move, so keep hitting the shelf until it falls over. Now give it one more hit to create a 1,000 Folded Arm icon on the floor. Use this ability to grab and tug a loose piece of paper in the top left corner to reveal a door.

Enter the next room, jump on the boxes to your left, and hit the green cart so it rolls to the right side of the room. Use this cart as a mini-staircase and climb up onto the shelves. Now just hop across the gap, break open the crates, and collect the Manhole Claw lying on the ground. You can now successfully return to the manhole in the building to the left of the drawbridge and open it up. Be prepare for a fight because there are a lot of enemies in this sewer. You will also find the toad in charge of the museum, which will unlock it for you.


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