Paper Mario The Origami King – How to Solve the Water Shine Tile Puzzle

Paper Mario: The Origami King has arrived, so it’s time to get your office supplies, slap on your red cap, and get ready for a bunch of snarky Nintendo characters. The latest installment in this beloved franchise, players will venture to different corners of the Mushroom Kingdom to dispatch powerful enemies and solve puzzles. One puzzle you will come across later on in the game is in the Water Vellumental Shrine. These tile puzzles tasks Mario with rearranging the floor to direct the flow of water throughout the temple. There are two of them, both of which are missing tile pieces that players will need to find.

Left Side Tile Puzzle

The first tile puzzle can be found on the left side of the Water Vellumetal Shrine. After you pass through the hallway filled with breakable blocks, you’ll enter a large room with three tile pieces and a gap in the floor. While you can shift the tiles around, there’s nothing you can do to redirect the flow of water. Instead, head to the top left side of the room and approach the torch hugging the wall. Hit it with your hammer to create a hole into a hidden alcove.

Inside there will be a bunch of Sidestepper enemies running back and forth between gaps in the wall. One of which is a Blue Sidestepper holding the fourth tile piece. You cannot catch him on your own, as he moves way to fast and changes which hole he emerges from. Instead, go to the very end of the hall and hit your hammer against the wall under the shadow to cause a POW block to fall. Now turn around and wait for the Blue Sidestepper to come rushing out. When you see it, jump into the POW block to cause all the crabs to flip over. Now quickly go to the Sidestepper, hit it with your hammer, and then defeat it in the subsequent fight.

This will earn you the fourth tile, so head back to the main room and interact with the panel in front of the gap. Select the fourth tile and then rearrange the symbols until they match the photo above and drop the final piece in. Doing so will cause the water to come rushing out, completing this part of the puzzle. Head back out into the shrine’s main room and go to the right side.

Right Side Tile Puzzle

Once you pass the crying dragon room you will discover another, far more elaborate tile puzzle. Don’t touch the stone console again, instead, head to the back left corner and hit the cracked wall with your hammer. This will reveal another back room, so follow the path and break both the Question Blocks before jumping down to the area below. Ignore the Cheep Cheeps and break another hole in the wall in the top left. Inside you’ll find the missing tile piece, causing more Sidesteppers to come out and attack you.

After vanquishing the enemies, head back to the large tile room and approach the stone tablet. Don’t place the tile you found in the machine just yet. You’ll want to wait until you’ve complete the puzzle first. Looking at the puzzle there are three rows of three for a total of nine spaces. Since you can only slide one tile Right, Left, Up, or Down we will be simply listing the inputs you need to make. So when we say Right, just tap your control stick right to move the tile.

  1. Right
  2. Up
  3. Left
  4. Down
  5. Right
  6. Right
  7. Up
  8. Left
  9. Left
  10. Down
  11. Right
  12. Up
  13. Up
  14. Left
  15. Down
  16. Right
  17. Right
  18. Up
  19. Left
  20. Down
  21. Right
  22. Up
  23. Left
  24. Left
  25. Down
  26. Right
  27. Right
  28. Down
  29. Add the missing tile

Paper Mario Origami King Water Tile Puzzle

This should complete the puzzle (pictured above) and cause coins and items to come raining down from above! Congratulations, you have completed both of the tile puzzles in the Vellumetal Shrine. Make sure to save, because you really don’t want to go through all that again.


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