Paper Mario The Origami King – How to Beat Tape

Perhaps the most infuriating boss so far, Tape is the guardian of the purple streamer and the fourth member of the Legion of Stationary. Similar to the other enemies, this Paper Mario: The Origami King boss boasts two phases and a board ability that will really test your tile shuffling skills. While the first half of the fight is almost too easy, expect to be shelling out some extra gold to extend the timer during the second portion. Here’s what you need to know to defeat the sticky scoundrel, Tape.

Tape Boss – Phase One

During the first phase of the fight, Tape won’t impact the board in any manner. The phase itself is relatively straightforward, as you have to destroy the outer purple shell protecting Tape. Only your Hammer, Fire Vellumental, and 1,000 Folded Arms will deal damage. Personally, I just used the hammer for the majority of the fight, since you need to attack four different sides of Tape. It was much easier to line up the Attack tile and batter the purple shell with a Flashy Hammer. Tape will also attack Mario, but his moves don’t do a ton of damage if you Guard. Additionally, try to open the chest, as it will add critical extra movement and command tiles that are quite useful in the second phase.

I also recommend you try to step on the green ON tile before the first phase is over. You’ll want the Magic Circles to be active, as your movement will soon be wildly restrictive. After you shatter the purple shell on all sides, Tape will launch into the air, causing Mario to celebrate. Unfortunately, this is where the real battle begins.

Tape Boss – Phase Two

When the fight begins, Tape will use his Roll Out ability and tape different pieces of the board together. This means if the tape is vertical, you cannot shift those tiles through the boss, while ones that are horizontal cause multiple portions to rotate at once. This can make movement very difficult, as you will need to get creative with how you maneuver Mario. Unfortunately, normal attacks will no longer be helpful during this portion, as the boss is immune to them. This means you are solely relying on Magic Circles to get the job done.

Fire Vellumental will do some damage to the boss, but it has the added effect of cleansing the board of tape. Because of this, I recommend rotating between using the 1,000 Folded Arms to damage the boss and Fire Vellumental to remove any board control Tape has. The only time you cannot use 1,000 Folded Arms is when Tape is charging its ultimate move. Instead, when Tape starts charging, activate the ON tile, and use Fire Vellumental to damage it instead. It typically takes 2-3 1,000 Folded Arm attacks to completely defeat the boss.

While actually hurting the boss is simple, moving around the board is the real challenge. I recommend prioritizing the Magic Circles at all times so you can constantly burn away the tape. If you don’t see a Fire Vellumental circle, chances are it’s locked away in a chest. Remember, Magic Circles can attack from any position, so don’t worry about getting close to Tape. Sometimes it’s easier to just spend a turn tapping the ON tile and then moving the Magic Circle to the first spot Mario steps on.

With some patience and a bit of luck, you should quickly unravel this enemy and gain access to the purple streamer!