Paper Mario The Origami King – A Star Lights Your Way Puzzle Solution

The Shroom Temple is the third main dungeon in Paper Mario: The Origami King. Set in the Scorching Sandpaper Desert, this location is available after you find all four tower eyes. This location is a spooky Egyptian inspired temple that’s filled with traps, puzzles, and terrifying monsters. While most of the puzzles are pretty easy to figure out, one can be a bit tricky if you don’t know where to look. Deep into The Shroom Temple, you’ll come across a room filled with small rods that will glow if you hammer them.

Paper Mario Origami King A Star Lights Your Way

A Star Lights Your Way Solution

To complete this puzzle you will need to hammer the pegs so the only ones that are down form the shape of a star. This is easy to solve once you locate the star formation in the cracks of the floor. Above is a photo of the exact pegs you need to hit with your hammer. Once this is done the stairs will rise up out of the ground and you progress to the boss room. If you mess up and hit the wrong peg, you can use the button in the back of the room to reset the puzzle. You can also find two faceless toads in this location that are trapped by pegs.

The next part of this dungeon involves you scouring the temple for music disks to appease the boss who is hidden behind a large door. There are a total of four scattered throughout, but you only need to find the “Thrills at Night” CD. To reach this CD, go to the other end of the dance floor and then head down the stairs. You’ll be jumped by a gaggle of enemies, so quickly dispatch them. Move into the coffin room and continue until you reach the right side. Push the bottom torch upwards with your hammer to open up a secret passage.

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Head down the passage towards the CD. Unfortunately, whenever you go to grab the music a Shy Guy will pop out and smack you. To avoid this, hit the CD with your hammer to spawn a 1,000 Folded Arms Magic Circle. Use the circle to safely grab the CD. Head back to the DJ and give him the music to cause the boss to start dancing behind the door. Unfortunately, he refuses to dance unless the floor is filled so you’ll have to reverse through the whole dungeon, recruiting Toads to cut a rug with you. Once that happens, you have 40 of them grooving it up behind you, return to the dance floor to progress to the boss fight. Just remember to save before you step on the dance floor!


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