Paper Mario The Origami King – All Four Shell Stone Locations

Even in the world of Paper Mario: The Origami King there are some weird, weird religions. One of which is the Vellumentals, who are Koopa Troopas that worship a large turtle that really, really, really wants you to donate money. However, in order to even access the temple and the goodies inside you will need to find four Shell Stones that were stolen by the origami enemies. All of them are located in Overlook Mountain, which is just north of the temple if you follow the main road. None of these are tied to the massive tower or the red streamers, so you’ll need to do some treasure hunting if you want to access them all.

Here’s where to find the Green, Yellow, Blue, and Red Shell Stones in Paper Mario: The Origami King.

Green Shell Stone

To get this Shell Stone you will need at least 3,000 Coins. Make your way up the path on Overlook Mountain until you see three Koopa Troopas standing around a table. Interact with anyone there to join an auction for the Green Shell Stone. Initially, the price will be an outrageous 10,000 Coins, but you can decide not to spend that much. This will cause the price to lower to a still overpriced 5,000 Coins. Keep denying the auctioneer until he reaches the final asking price of 500 coins and purchase the Green Shell Stone. Who knew that sacred religious artifacts would be so cheap?

Yellow Shell Stone

The Yellow Shell Stone is located directly behind the Overlook Mountain Save Box. This is just after you fight the Paper Macho Goomba on the small bridge. From the Save Box, enter the small arena behind it with all the shrubs and smack the moving one with your hammer. This will cause a Goomba to attack and initiate a battle. Beating these enemies will unlock a 1,000 Folded Arms magic circle right next to you. Activate this special ability and pull down part of the wall directly above you to reveal a Dry Bones clutching the Yellow Shell Stone. It will then drop the stone next to you and run off because it’s dehydrated.

Blue Shell Stone

This one is the easiest to miss since you have to go out of your way for it. From the Save Box, continue heading right and go down the hill towards the Koopa Troopa by the docks. Speak with him and then go pick up the fishing rod to learn how to fish. After the tutorial, cast your line by the fat, round Cheep Cheep that’s swimming in front of you. It’s easy to distinguish which one this is, as the fat Cheep Cheep will be nearly twice the size of the rest of the fish. Once you hook it on the line, press A to pull it out of the water and begin a battle.

Surprisingly, this fight can be pretty tough as the Cheep Cheep hits for around 14 damage an attack. Always make sure to line them up so you get an attack bonus and let this fish have it! Once you’ve defeated the Origami Cheep Cheep it will spit out the Blue Shell Stone at your feet.

Red Shell Stone

Finally, you can locate the Red Shell Stone near the top of Overlook Mountain. Continue up the path until you reach the massive tower of rocks lifting the building into the air. Ignore the magic circle for now and progress down the hill to your left. You’ll see a pair of Shy Guys kicking around a crumpled up Toad on the ground, so dispatch these fiends to rescue your friend. Continue heading left until you reach a circular arena with three Paper Macho Shy Guys kicking the Red Shell Stone around. Run up to them and knock over one of the Shy Guys that doesn’t have the stone with your hammer.

Now quickly hustle over to the other Shy Guy that doesn’t have the stone and run at the one with the shell. It will pass the shell to the one you previously toppled, making it easy to grab. The timing for this can be a little finicky, so make sure to move quickly when you knock the first one down. After you grab the final stone, all three Paper Macho Shy Guys will attack. Dispatching them will reward you with three Toads and a heart to fully restore your life points.

You can now take the stones back to the temple and slot them into the wall. Doing so will open up the door and unlock a new location for you to explore. Just make sure to have some coins handy, the tour can get a little expensive!


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