Paper Mario The Origami King – How to Beat Rubber Band

There are a lot of very strange enemies in Paper Mario: The Origami King, but some of the oddest is the Legion of Stationary bosses. The final foe guarding each of the five-colored streamers, these enemies are some of the toughest battles in the entire game. Most of this is due to their hard-hitting attacks, unique board mechanics, and multiple phases that force you to switch playstyles. During your journey through Shogun Studios, you will eventually come face-to-office supply with Rubber Band. A massive amalgamation of Rubber Bands that is 50 percent evil, 50 percent diva.  For those struggling to vanquish Rubber Band, here’s a breakdown of his moves and what you need to do to win!

Rubber Band Boss – Phase One

Phase One of this fight will comprise the majority of the boss battle. Rubber Band’s unique board mechanic is different triangle rubber bands that will either propel you down one position on the board or up one depending on where they face. If the point is towards Rubber Band, then you will move towards him, while ones facing the audience move you back a spot. Additionally, you can line up rubberbands and propel your self across multiple phases which can let you quickly reach a lane. Finally, if you activate a rubberband and manage to double back towards its position, Mario will trip over the balled-up rubberband, ending his phase.

When the battle starts you’ll want to solely focus on hitting the big green ON button and using the Magic Circle to launch a 1,000 Folded Arms attack. Regular, Shiny, and items have no effect at all on Rubber Band, so those spaces are completely useless outside of consuming a mushroom to heal. The closer the Magic Circle is to Rubber Band the more damage it will do, so always, always try to initiate an attack on either the closest or second closest ring to the boss. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting your turn and do very minimal damage.

Rubber Band as two main attacks, one of which you need to guard at all costs. The first is simply when it pulls the rubberband back and snaps it at Mario for around 15 damage. However, the move you want to watch out for is called “Rubber Bind.” This is a two-part attack where Rubber Band tries to ensnare Mario in rubberbands, denying him his turn and following up with a massive, unguardable attack. It will always fire Rubber Bind in a volley of three, so guard each one to ensure you don’t lose additional health.

Keep repeating the process of using the board rubberbands to maneuver to an ON switch so you use the close Magic circles and you’ll breeze through this first phase. Rubber Band hits very hard, so the last thing you’ll want is a prolonged battle! Once it gets to a sliver of health the second phase will begin.

Rubber Band Boss – Phase Two

After the boss is whittle down to almost no health, it will initiate its Solo Snapback attack. This move hits very hard so you’ll want to guard at all costs. Once its done, the board will be free of rubberbands, so you can safely navigate to an ON switch and then a magic circle. This will begin one final attack where you try to grab Rubber Band and then slam it into the ground. However, Rubber Band will try to dodge your attacks, but it will pause for a second or two on either the right or left side. Right as it stops moving, grab it before it can strike back at Mario! Finish up the 1,000 Folded Arms attack and you will have slain the second Legion of Stationary boss in Paper Mario: The Origami King.


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