Paper Mario The Origami King – Every Great Sea Island Location

Perhaps the worst portion of Paper Mario: The Origami King, The Great Sea tasks players with venturing across the ocean in search of mysterious islands and the elusive pink streamer. Boasting a rather large map, Mario and his companions must scour the high seas for 11 islands that have to be manually located.  While some are completely optional, others are tied to Paper Mario’s campaign. To save you the hassle of getting lost at sea hunting every island down, we’ve found all the major locations you can visit.

Paper Mario Origami King Every Island Location

Every Island Location

There are eleven islands in total, seven of which are tied to the story. The island in B1 is where the pink streamer resides, but to access the massive tower you’ll need to obtain three colored orbs. Just keep this tower in the back of your mind while you’re sailing around. The first island you’ll want to visit is Skull Island at G5 and then you’re going to head north to F3 which will originally appear as a crescent moon. Once you fill the entire island up and find the note in the treasure chest, Olivia will suggest you look or Mushroom island.

This island is in the bottom right corner of E4, so steer the ship towards there and use the Fire Vellumental to melt the ice. You’ll encounter a pretty big story moment here, so we won’t spoil anything. After you’re done with this island you’ll receive the Diamond Key. Normally, you’re supposed to find the Heart, Spade, and Heart islands to pinpoint the location of Diamond Island. Thankfully, you can outright avoid this if exploration isn’t something you’re interested in. To progress the actual story head to D3’s exact position and then press down on the D-Pad to dive underwater. You’ll discover this new location, along with where to obtain the Ice Vellumental and the three orbs to open up the door at B1.

As for the rest of the islands, I strongly suggest visiting C7. This is a fighting ring where you’ll battle 7 Paper Machos and can earn over thirty thousand coins. It’s perfect if you need to increase your budget to buy accessories, time, or just some key items like Shiny Iron Boots. Additionally, the Legendary Hammer can be found at A4, which is one of the best damage weapons in the entire game. This is absolutely worth the trip, since it’s superb for taking down bosses or tough waves of enemies.

The other islands are just filled with items, Toads, coins, and treasure locations which are marked by Xs on your map. While they aren’t necessary to advance the story, a lot of them are still worth visiting if you are looking to either reach a 100% completion rate or want to stock up on items. Remember, you can purchase powerful Gold-tier accessories at Skull Island! Finally, there are no Save Blocks on these islands, however, you will save every time you enter the ship. So if you need to save, just load up the ship by talking to the Toad Captain at the docks.