Paper Mario The Origami King – How to Beat the Ice Vellumental Boss

The next boss on Mario’s epic journey through the Mushroom Kingdom is the mighty Ice Vellumental. This giant bear is located on Diamond Island, in the Shrine behind the three temples where you will gather the Green, Red, and Blue orbs. Despite the Ice Vellumental’s intimidating stature, this is actually a pretty simple boss fight in comparison to the Fire Vellumental. Similar to Hole Punch, this fight is all about navigating a dangerous board and correct tile placement. Here’s how to cool off this furious foe and gain the Ice Vellumental power in Paper Mario: The Origami King.

Ice Vellumental Boss – Phase One

For this fight, you will be relying exclusively on the Magic Circles to do damage. All of your basic attacks won’t hurt the boss, so use those tiles simply to heal yourself if needed. When the battle begins, the Ice Vellumental will encase itself entirely in ice, making any 1,000 Folded Arms or normal attacks impossible. Instead, shift your focus to opening the chest, as this will put the ON switch onto the board. You’re essentially taking this turn off to activate the Magic Circles, so don’t expect to do any damage.

After the boss attacks, you’ll want to move Mario to the Fire Vellumental circle so you can melt the defensive of the Ice Vellumental. You’ll need to take another turn off and defend against the Ice Vellumental’s attacks, so make sure you’re wearing the Heart Plus and Guard Plus accessories! Finally, when it gets to your turn for the third time you can finally start damaging the boss. Move Mario so he lands on both the ON and a 1,000 Folded Arms tile. This will let Mario take out about 25% of the boss’s health in one attack.

You will now need to repeat this entire process one more time until the boss hits 50% health. I do recommend trying to pick up hearts whenever possible, as the Ice Vellumental does a lot of damage!

Ice Vellumental Boss – Phase Two

Here’s where things get tricky. Instead of encasing itself in ice, the boss will begin to charge its ultimate attack. In addition, the Ice Vellmental will launch two board attacks that will make traversal difficult. The first freezes specific tiles that will do damage and trap Mario in ice if he steps on them. Because of this, you’ll want to avoid the frozen tiles at all costs, as they just end your turn and ensure that you cannot guard against the boss’s attack. Its second board attack is literally encasing tiles in icicles. You can break these icicles by hitting R and then moving those tiles physically through the boss to break them. Going back to their initial side will cause the ice to respawn.

Thankfully, with no ice defense, you can focus solely on activating the Magic Circles and then using 1,000 Folded Arms to attack the boss. Unfortunately, this attack probably won’t kill the Ice Vellumental, so you will need to go one more round against it. Here’s where things get pretty tricky. The boss will create a massive maze of ice out of the board, freezing around 70% of the tiles and encasing a handful in icicles. You need to not only create a route out of this but hit the ON switch one final time so you can launch your last 1,000 Folded Arms attack.

I took one round off to just focus on hitting the ON tile since I had a lot of health and could tank an attack. This makes reaching the Magic Circle much easier since you won’t need to juggle multiple board objectives. After you unleash your fourth 1,000 Folded Arms attack, this bear will be down for the count!