Paper Mario The Origami King – Ice Sliding Tile Puzzle Solutions

Another new location, another Vellumental Temple to deal with in Paper Mario: The Origami King. After exploring The Great Sea you’ll discover the Ice Vellumental Shrine in the Diamond Island. Similar to other Shrines, the main gimmick of this temple is that you’ll need to slide ice blocks around the floor to either create passages or progress to the next area. These can be a bit of a headache, especially if you don’t realize that you’ll need to keep some of the destructible rocks around. There are four core puzzles in this shrine and one that simply introduces the mechanic of sliding the ice block by hitting something with your hammer.

Here’s how to solve each of the sliding puzzles in the Ice Vellumental Shrine:

Ice Vellumental Sliding Puzzles

Puzzle One

We are grouping two of these together since the first one simply requires you to hit the wall with your hammer so you can send the tile north and into a gap. Once that’s done, move into the next area and carefully avopid the origami crabs until you reach the bottom left corner. Use your hammer to hit the walls and ride the outside perimeter of the room.  After you pass the rock, you’ll be perfectly lined up to hit your hammer and launch yourself north, covering the spike pit with your slab of ice.

Puzzle Two – Magic Circle

Once you dispatch the thickest Hammer Bro of all time, cross the icicle gap and head up the stairs to the left. There will be a ton of iceblocks that you can break, but you’ll need to restrain yourself. Instead, only carve out the path above and then use your hammer to navigate the ice tile through it. If you do mess up, just enter the door at the top of the stairs to reset this puzzle. Additionally, there is an Ice Hammer Bro hiding in one of the blocks you don’t need to break.

Puzzle Three

For this puzzle, you’ll have a ton of ice blocks that you can break, along with a few enemies roaming the arena. Break all the blocks but the two shown above and then stand on the tile. Launch yourself around the arena until you reach the first breakable ice chunk. Instead of shattering it, hit the wall to go north and then the regular rock to propel yourself down the hill. Remember, the ice tile will instantly kill any enemy it touches, so don’t worry about accidentally triggering a fight.

Puzzle Four

The final ice tile puzzle starts after you launch yourself down the hill. Once you hit the wall, smack it to fire Mario towards the ramp. While you cannot go back up the ice ramp, it will launch you back down. Quickly smack the middle bear sculpture you pass to rocket yourself downward. If you time it right you;ll either be just to the right or left of this statue. Now all you have to do is hit the wall to move past the sculpture, turning your ice tile into a makeshift staircase. This one is pretty easy to mess up, so just head into the door at the top left to reset the puzzle if you if manage to lodge yourself in a position that’s impossible to go anywhere.

If you keep messing up the game will give you some visual hints of where to position yourself, so don’t fret too much. Once you get the timing down, this is one of the easiest puzzles in Paper Mario: The Origami King!