Paper Mario The Origami King – How to Beat the Fire Vellumental Boss

So far you’ve battled a giant angry turtle, massive water dragon, colored pencils, and a sentient amalgamation of rubber bands, but the Fire Vellumental is the toughest boss so far in Paper Mario: The Origami King.  This is due to the Fire Vellumental’s ability to regenerate its entire health bar in one turn, which can be absolutely infuriating. Unlike the other enemies where you can take your time, whittling their health bar to nothing. The Fire Vellumental requires a very specific sequence of plays to ensure that it dies before it can regenerate.

Fire Vellumental Boss Fight

Before the fight begins, I recommend making sure you have some fresh Shiny Iron Boots equipped in your weapon slot since this will be your primary attack. The main board gimmick for this fight is the fiery feathers that the boss will both lose when it’s attacked or at the start of the Fire Vellumental’s turn. Every feather the boss sheds causes it to lose health, even if the boss sends them out itself. Additionally, stepping on a fire feather will do 8 damage, but you will still get the activation of whatever tile you stand on. However, the boss can stack more than one feather on a tile, so be cautious if your health is low!

For example, if there’s a fiery feather on a movement tile you will take 8 damage, but still go where that tile is pointing. This means there will be a few situations where you have to take damage to progress, so consider equipping the Heart Plus accessory to ensure you can tank the damage. Any Guard Plus accessory is also a bonus since the Fire Vellumental’s attacks hit pretty hard, even if you guard them.

When the fight begins, focus on doing about a quarter damage to the boss’ health bar. This is pretty easy to achieve if you can open your first turn with a Double Action tile into back-to-back Shiny Iron Boot jump attacks. After you damage the boss it will release some feathers onto the map. A chest will also spawn during your second turn, so focus on hitting the green ON tiles and opening the chest. Remember opening a chest will propel you forward one tile towards the boss. Do not step on the 1,000 Folded Arm or the Water Vellumental tiles you’ll free when you open the chest.

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Continue attacking the boss with Jump moves until it has performed its Molten Feather board move at least three times. While Olivia will urge you to put them out after two, give it one more phase and just tank some of the fire feather damage. After a minimum of three Molten Feather phases (although I recommend four if you can take the damage), step on the Water Vellumental and use it to attack the boss. This will not only clear the entire board but deal heavy damage to the fiery phoenix, stunning it.

Use your first turn of the boss being knocked on the ground to hit another ON switch and attack the boss. Only when this enemy has around 20% of its health left do you want to initiate a 1,000 Folded Arms move to kill the boss before it can fully heal. If it does heal, I honestly recommend just starting the whole fight over. It’s going to be way easier on your resources and there’s a good chance you won’t have much life left when it’s finally brought down.


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