Paper Mario: The Origami King Final Boss Guide – How to Beat Olly

This is it. You’ve battled your way through legions of origami soldiers, fought powerful elemental monsters, and deconstructed the Legion of Stationary to finally reach this moment. Olly is the last enemy that awaits you in Paper Mario: The Origami King and is one of the toughest fights. Broken up across three different phases, Olly will not only test your understanding of each Vellumental but how fast you can shuffle tiles into place. Before this battle make sure you have the Gold Time accessory equipped. If you’re struggling to take down Olly, here’s how to commit paper regicide and knock this king off his throne!

Olly – Phase One

Phase one is far and away the toughest part of this entire fight. It can drag on for an excruciating amount of time and be quite taxing on Mario’s health. When the fight begins, Olly will assume the form of either the Earth, Water, Fire, or Ice Vellumental. Each one is completely immune to normal attacks, so you’ll be tasked with activating Magic Circles to counter whichever form he has taken. Additionally, Olly can heal a portion of his health if you are two slow to line up the tiles and make a path. This can be quite obnoxious, as some of these tile puzzles can be pretty tricky – especially if you get the Ice Vellumental.

Earth Vellumental

The Earth Vellumental is the easiest of the four to defeat, as it doesn’t impact the board in any capacity. When you gain control of Mario, focus on activating the ON panel and hitting the Vellumental Magic Circle with a diamond in it. This will let you pick any of the four Vellumentals for Olivia to use against this foe. It’s critical you hit the ON switch and use the Magic Circle in the same turn since the boss will just charge its ultimate attack right away. For the Earth Vellumental, you’ll want to use the Ice Vellumental to counter and freeze this boss. After you’ve frozen the boss, spend your next turn hitting the ON tile and using the 1,000 Folded Arms attack to deal about 50% damage to Olly.

Fire Vellumental

If Olly swaps to the Fire Vellumental it will open up by launching a barrage of fiery feathers. These will damage Mario if he steps on them and the damage stacks depending on the number of feathers. Thankfully, you will still move if you are burned, so don’t be afraid to lose some health to deal with Olly. Similar to the Earth Vellumental, you’ll want to hit the ON tile and then the Vellumental Magic Circle. While you can do this without taking damage, I just made Mario tank the fire attack so I could quickly reach the ON tile. Remember, if you take too long Olly will begin to heal!

You want to use the Water Vellumental against this form, as it will wash away the feathers and stun the boss. Now just tap the ON switch one more time and use 1,000 Folded Arms to batter the boss. This attack won’t do nearly as much damage as before, so you’ll most likely need to fight another Vellumental form.

Water Vellumental

For this form, the Water Vellumental will have three water tornados spin around it. These will stop moving once you’ve selected your route and will wash away any tiles in front of them. This means you need to both plan your route and wait for an opening to execute it. Thankfully, this is actually pretty easy to get around if you space most of your tiles into one line. You are looking to use the Earth Vellumental to negate Olly’s attack and give you an opening to use the 1,000 Folded Arm technique. This is another phase where you can do a ton of damage, so make sure to hammer that A button to batter the boss’s health bar.

Ice Vellumental

The most frustrating of the four, the Ice Vellumental will create a massive ice maze that you have to traverse. Normally, this isn’t a big deal since time is rarely an issue in boss battles, but Olly’s passive healing forces you to move quickly. One easy way to circumvent this is by paying the Toads at the start of Mario’s round to give him a better idea of what the correct path is. It’s not necessary, although it can help if you’re struggling or worried about Olly healing. You will want to use the Fire Vellumental against Olly during the first attack and then launch a 1,000 Folded Arm barrage once the boss is stunned.

Olly – Phase Two

You’re on easy street from now on. After you vanquish Olly’s Vellumental forms he will transform into a massive origami version of himself. Not one to be outdone, Bowser will do the same and begin a sumo match with this fellow king. Your job is to run around the ring and use the Magic Circle directly behind Bowser. Olivia will instruct you to hit the ground as fast as you can to help Bowser knock Olly back. This is going to be the entire encounter, so dodge the flying origami shurikens and continue to assist Bowser. Eventually, Olly will summon an Origami Thwomp to raise up and drop on Mario. Use the Magic Circle to bash the ground until the Thwomp is about to fall. Move out of the way and repeat this process until Bowser shoves him off the stage.

Olly – Phase Three

The final phase of this fight requires you to solve a puzzle that Olly will scramble up. Similar to the puzzle game during the Shy Guy game show, you’ll need to rearrange the picture until it shows the four Olivia’s around the center. During this, Olly will attack Mario, prompting a quick time event where you have to hit A at the right time. Each of his attacks have different timing, so hold off on holding A until you see it appear on the screen. After you finish the picture, Olly will attack one last time so make sure to dodge his moves! Olivia will then change into a massive hammer that you can bash Olly in the face, ending this king’s evil reign.

Congratulations, you have beaten Paper Mario: The Origami King!