Paper Mario The Origami King – How to Get the Can Opener for the Tuna

Paper Mario: The Origami King is the latest entry in this beloved RPG series. Similar to previous installments, this game boasts quirky enemies, unique bosses, and crafty puzzles that players will need to solve. One of these brief puzzles you’ll come across is locating a can opener so you can offer the Can of Tuna to an origami monkey. This quest will trigger after you sue the Water Vellumetal’s power to fill the lake with water. Once the monkey runs off, go pick up the Can of Tuna on the tree stump and chase this animal into the tall grass.

How to Get the Can Opener

Getting the Can of Tuna open is a multi-step process, as you’ll need to locate two guests for the canned food party in Friendship Plaza. When you step into the grass, head toward the white Zs directly north of your and interact with Spike. This will jolt him awake, causing him to inform you that he got lost on his way to the party in the place. With Spike now in your party, head southeast to where you originally found Bobby by the Shy Guy to trigger a brief dialogue exchange once you arrive. There are a lot of enemies in the tall grass, so do your best to avoid starting any unneeded fights. Spike will explain that he brought the can of food, only to realize he doesn’t have a way to open it.

Head back out into the tall grass and hug the southern fence. Run towards the left side and pass the first opening that leads down a rocky cliff. Eventually, you will see a bunch of rustling in the grass near a tall white post. Approach the rustling to trigger a wave battle. This is actually a pretty easy fight, so you should have too much trouble mopping the floor with these folded foes. Once they are all dispatched, interact with the worried sweat drops flying out of the grass (see picture above).

You’ve now located the final party guest, so run back towards Friendship Plaza to trigger another dialogue exchange. Mario will quickly learn that the Goomba forgot his can opener, but can just open them with his teeth instead. It turns out the can opener was inside all of us the whole time! After he finishes opening up the party’s can, give him the Can of Tuna to open it up. Now head back to the tall grass and go north to the small shrine the monkey is sitting on.

When the monkey is eating the tuna, hit it with your hammer to transform this animal back into a Toad. This is the oar man you’ve been looking for, so go to the boat by the dock to continue your quest down the river towards the blue streamer! The next section is a fun little mini-game where you’ll end up guiding the boat, so make sure to save before you tell the boat driver that you’re ready to leave.


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