Paper Mario The Origami King – Where to Find 40 Faceless Toads

Don't Stop til' You Get Enough

Are you ready to get funky?!

It’s time to slick your hair back, throw on that white suit, and bust out your favorite dance moves because Mario has disco fever! The last step in the Temple of Shrooms dungeon, Mario will be tasked with carrying around a boombox in search of 40 Faceless Toads to be his back up dancers. Doing so will appease the boss, causing it to leave the safety of his chambers, allowing you to goad it into a fight. However, finding 40 Faceless Toads is easier said than done, as some are hidden away. Here’s where to find all of the dancing Toads in Paper Mario: The Origami King!

40 Faceless Toads Locations

Dance Room

The first group of Faceless Toads can be found in the dance room where the DJ is playing. From the Save Block, head south towards the Paper Macho Shy Guys. Rec fruit the Toads on both sides and then take the Green Pipe back to the start of the dungeon.

Button Room

From the Green Pipe, head to your left and into the room with the Paper Macho Boo. Go north until you reach the room where you had to hit the buttons in the right order to open the door. You’ll find a lone Toad you can recruit here. Before you leave this area, turn to the right and enter the room with two chests. Go up the stairs in the back right corner, open the chest to reveal another Faceless Toad.

Star Room

From the button room, head north and down the hall filled with statues. You should pick up three more Faceless Toads along the way. Continue following the path until you arrive in the room where you had to hammer the pegs in the shape of a Star. Free the Toads trapped by the pegs and recruit them to your groovy cause. Make sure to do a thorough sweep of the room if you already freed them, as they like to wander around.

Coffin Room

Now that you have the necessary amount of Faceless Toads, head through the right door in the star room and down the hallway. You should arrive in a room filled with coffins that have different symbols on them. Thankfully, you only need to open four coffins in this area, as the rest are either empty or filled with enemies. First grab the two coffins that are moving, add each one has a Toad trapped inside. Then look for the coffin with a Heart on it in the middle row. Inside is a Maximum Life increasing Heart, so make sure to snag it up!

Finally, go to the left side of the room and open the coffin with the Crescent Moon symbol in the middle row (pictured above). This will reveal a staircase to a secret area. Head down the stairs and quickly rush to the coffin on the opposite side. A bunch of Origami Spiders will drop from the ceiling, but you can ignore them for now. Push open the coffin to reveal a Star! Grab it and start running around the room, killing all the enemies that touch you. Once every single foe has been dispatched, a 1,000 Folded Arms circle will appear. Stand in it to rip down the last of the Faceless Toads trapped above you.

You should have the requisite amount of Toads to appease the boss, so head back to the dance floor and enjoy the show! Just make sure to save beforehand, as the boss fight will happen right after a brief cutscene.