Can You Turn Off Overwatch Text Chat on Console?

Sometimes you want to not deal with strangers typing on your home screen.

If you, like me, are a console Overwatch player and find yourself perturbed by the sudden addition of a text chat vibing in the bottom left corner of your screen after the launch of the game’s cross-play beta, fret not. There’s a way to keep enjoying the perks of having a larger player pool and having to deal with fewer toxic players you don’t know saying nonsense on your home page and during gameplay. However, Xbox players have said the following option didn’t make it to the system after cross-play went live.

While this option won’t turn it off entirely, it will at least pull from a significantly smaller number of players, making text chat less frequent, and hopefully less bothersome.

It took me a second to find this, as I naturally assumed if there was going to be a switch to flip on this, it would’ve been in the social options, where there are just options to change your profile visibility. But it turns out the setting to alter this scrolling text isn’t found in the social options but Overwatch’s gameplay options. Scroll to cross-platform play and turn off cross-platform communication. This way, you’ll only see messages from your respective console, rather than from all of them, meaning there will be demonstrably less pop-up on the home screen and during matches.

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Overwatch’s cross-play beta brought text chat to consoles, which was a standard for PC players long before the feature was ever brought to consoles. It all seems to keep the game consistent across all platforms now that the entire player base is unified. If you want to turn off cross-platform play altogether, that is an option on consoles, but not PC. However, you’ll be working with a much smaller player pool, so queue times will worsen.