Outriders Legendaries Guide – How to Get Legendary Gear

Outriders is the latest looter-shooter to release in this ever-growing genre. Developed by People Can Fly, this action RPG places you in the shoes of a cryogenically frozen soldier who has gained enhanced abilities thanks to a mysterious storm called the Anomaly. With four classes available upon release, players can bend time, ignite enemies on fire, summon powerful constructs, and shake the very planet. While you’ll come across a lot of loot throughout your journey, legendary items are the true prize. These unique weapons and armor are quite rare, with most players only encountering a small handful until they reach the endgame.

Here’s how you can get Legendaries throughout Outriders.

How to Get Legendaries Pre-Endgame

If you’re making your way through Outriders, there are numerous points where you can earn yourself a guaranteed legendary item. Keep in mind, you can only earn a legendary from these quests once, so don’t expect more upon repeat playthroughs. Additionally, completing the quests on different characters will earn you a legendary the first time, so always make sure to finish these missions.

  • Chrysaloid boss fight
  • Completing every Hunt quest
  • Completing every Bounty quest
  • Completing every Historian quest
  • Completing Outrider’s Legacy
  • Secret quest

Above are the quests that will grant you a piece of free legendary gear. The Hunt, Bounty, and Historian quests are scattered throughout Enoch and will take a bit of time to fully finish. Outrider’s Legacy is also a fairly long sidequest, as it’s broken up into multiple parts that span the entire second half of the campaign. As for the secret quest, to avoid any spoilers I have linked a video detailing where you need to go to finish this mission. It’s fairly easy, but won’t be accessible until much later in Outriders’ story.

Additionally, you can receive a legendary item as a random from an enemy or loot chest. The chance of a legendary entirely depends on your World Tier. The higher World Tier you are, the better chances a legendary will drop from an enemy or chest. Keep in mind, the current level cap for World Tier is 43, so this will only carry you so far until you need to venture out into Expeditions.

How to Get Legendaries Endgame

When it comes to the endgame, your main source for legendaries will be completing Expeditions. Upon completing an Expedition you will be awarded a medal based on how quickly you finished the activity. The faster you beat one the higher chance you’ll have to earn legendary items when you open the drop pod. There are 15 Challenge Tiers, each of which will both increase the difficulty of the activity along with the level of gear that is rewarded at the end. Once you get to Challenge Tier 15, you’ll have a 25% chance that four pieces of loot will be legendary if you clear the gold timer. If you’re looking for which Expeditions to farm, I have a list already assembled of the easiest and quickest ones in Outriders.

Another method is to farm the “Find the source of the distant light” story point on your highest World Tier and use materials to manually level that legendary gear piece to 50. Set in the Dunes, this mission has you investigating a campfire once the sandstorm arrives. Approaching the light will trigger a very brief cutscene and then initiate a small fight where you can kill a Warlord. Once this enemy is dead, collect your loot, and let everyone else kill your Outrider. This will reset the encounter, allowing you to once again murder the Warlord, get the loot, die, and resapwn. It’s a quick cycle that allows you to farm a single elite enemy until you get a piece of gear that you’re happy with.

Once you have a few legendaries, go visit Dr. Zahedi, select your legendary of choice, and then level it up. This will cost a lot of resources, so make sure to start saving up if you want to go this route. Remember, you can only level up a piece of gear to your current level, so this isn’t a way to instantly hit 50. You’ll still need to play the Expeditions if you want to hit max level.