Outriders Expeditions Guide – Best Expeditions to Farm For Loot (April 2021)

Outriders is the latest looter-shooter to release in this ever-growing genre. Developed by People Can Fly, this action RPG places you in the shoes of a cryogenically frozen soldier who has gained enhanced abilities thanks to a mysterious storm called the Anomaly. With four classes available upon release, players can bend time, ignite enemies on fire, summon powerful constructs, and shake the very planet. But you don’t care about any of that, all you want is that sweet, sweet loot. One of the best sources of endgame loot is the Expeditions that unlock once you complete the campaign. There are a total of fourteen, each varying in length and difficulty. This can make it a bit tricky to know which Expeditions to farm and which to ignore.

If you’re looking to farm Legendary gear or just higher-level items so you can reach the next Challenge Tier, here are the Expeditions you should keep an eye out for. Keep in mind, this is not a guide on how to beat each one, just a breakdown of which ones are some of the shortest and easiest to complete.

Updated: April 13, 2021

Best Expeditions to Farm

Archways of Enoch

A personal favorite, Archways of Enoch is broken up into three core sections that are pretty low on the difficulty scale. The first room has you facing off against a bunch of smaller aliens and one Brood Mother, while the second room sees you defending a totem against one Brood Mother, some Alpha Perforos, and additional lower-tier enemies. Finally, the very large boss room does have a menagerie of enemies, but its large size makes it easy to kite enemies. When you’re in the boss room, keep to the outer ring and use it to make the enemies chase you. This will let you guide them around the map, preventing swarming, and making it easier to wipe out some of the tougher foes like Alphas.

Chem Plant

Chem Plant can be a little tricky at first, but once you learn the patterns of the enemies it’s actually not that bad. Broken up across four encounters, Chem Plant is almost entirely human-focused and offers perhaps the easiest boss room in the entire endgame. The only tricky part is the third encounter, which has you up against a ton of Captains and additional enemies. I recommend playing the stairs you came down, just be careful of the Vortex ability as it will warp you to the center of the room. However, once you reach the boss area, you’ll have a pretty simple time since the doors only open one at a time.

Outriders Best Expeditions Farm


A community favorite, Colosseum is technically only three encounters. All of the encounters aren’t too difficult if you’re capable of melting Elite tier enemies quickly. You will want a decent DPS (damage-per-second) build if you plan on farming this. Being able to quickly melt the Brood Mothers can make this a very easy Expedition. Just make sure to not let the Alphas surround you in the second area and should have no problem. Again, this one is more for those who have a slightly above-average build. You’ll want to be able to swiftly melt the few bosses that appear throughout Colosseum.


Originally I had Boom Town here, but with the recent medal timer changes, I found it was simply too tricky to consistently hit Gold. Because of this, I am adding Stargrave instead. Broken up across three encounters, the only truly tricky part is the second room. This is because you won’t only have to deal with human enemies, but multiple alien bosses. To triumph in this room, you’ll want to prioritize these bigger foes as a team so you can quickly burn through them without issue. However, once you get the second room and the enemy spawn patterns down, the final boss room is actually pretty simple. It’s just a single Brood Mother, some Alphas, and a bunch of lower-tier enemies. If you can clear the second room with about 3-4 minutes on your clock you should be set for a gold medal.

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