Outriders Drop Pod Guide – How to Get Drop Pod Resources

Outriders is the latest looter-shooter to release in this ever-growing genre. Developed by People Can Fly, this action RPG places you in the shoes of a cryogenically frozen soldier who has gained enhanced abilities thanks to a mysterious storm called the Anomaly. With four classes available upon release, players can bend time, ignite enemies on fire, summon powerful constructs, and shake the very planet. While this title is full of resources for you to collect, one of the most important won’t become available until you beat the campaign. Called “Drop Pod Resources, ” this new currency is used to not only fund some of the biggest Expeditions but purchase Epic and Legendary tier loot.

Here’s how to acquire these resources so you can buy all the Legendary items you need:

How to Get Drop Pod Resources

There are two ways to get Drop pod Resources, with the first revolving around completing Expeditions. This endgame activity sees you fighting through hordes of enemies to reach a crashed drop pod. Once the boss and all the enemies are defeated, you will not only be showered with loot but receive a chunk of Drop Pod Resources. The catch is Expeenditions are timed, with each one having a Gold, Silver, and Bronze par time for players to achieve. Achieving these times will not only increase the quality of your loot but the amount of Drop Pod Resources you earn. Your Challenge Tier also factors into how many are earned, with the first few only giving half a dozen, while later ones offer literally thousands of Drop Pod Resources.

Your other method for obtaining Drop Pod Resources is a lot slower and will require you to have a decent amount of Scrap. At the Outriders Camp, go speak to Tiago, open up his vendor menu, and then select Sell. Here you will be given the option to sell 1 Titanium for 2 Drop Pod Resources. Obviously, this isn’t ideal, especially if you need a few thousand Drop Pod Resources to actually purchase a Legendary item. I recommend using Tiago’s exchange if you have a lot of Titanium or if you’re only a few dozen off purchasing a new gear piece.

If you’re looking to solely farm Drop Pod Resources as a solo (or even a group) it’s better to do a Challenge Tier that’s a few levels under your current gear average. This will ensure you can fly through that Expedition with relative ease and achieve the coveted Gold rank. Sure, the gear you earn won’t be useful but you can turn it into Scrap or other materials. But grinding Expeditions on Lower Challenge Tiers is definitely one of the most efficient ways to obtain this currency.

One thing to remember, the higher Challenge Tiers you unlock, the more expensive items will be in Tiago’s store. For instance, I was saving up to buy a Legendary chest piece which was originally priced at around 6,500 Drop Pod Resources. But I then unlocked Challenge Tier 12 which bumped up the cost of that item to 10,000 Drop Pod Resources. This is mainly due to Tiago always selling items either at or above your current level. It’s designed to fill holes in your loadout in case you are unlucky with RNG. Considering you typically need thousands of Drop Pod Resources to participate in specific Expeditions, I recommend just saving them for now unless you really want a specific Legendary in the store.