Outriders Crossplay Guide – Does Outriders Have Crossplay?

Dipping their toe into the increasingly popular looter-shooter genre, developer People Can Fly released some new information about their upcoming game, Outriders. Boasting three-player co-op, players can select one of three different classes to take down hordes of enemies. These range from the time-bending Trickster to the fire manipulating Pyromancer to the gravity-defying Devastator. Set to release on April 1, 2021, for current and next-generation consoles, many are wondering if this title will feature crossplay. Given how popular crossplay has become among players, this feature can help make or break a new multiplayer game.

Does Outriders Have Crossplay?

Yes! At launch, Outriders will boast full crossplay across both current and next-generation platforms. This also includes PC, since it’s coming to Steam, Epic, and Stadia. Revealed today via a blogpost, Outriders will be playable with anyone regardless of the system you picked the game on or what generation that system is from. Additionally, Outriders will offer free upgrades to those moving from PS4 to PS5 or Xbox One to the Xbox Series X. So you can rest easy if you purchase this title on a current-gen system, as there are no additional fees to upgrade your title and move your progress. Additionally, People Can Fly revealed that the Stadia version of this game will release later in 2021.

Curiously, there was no mention of cross-save, which is another feature that a lot of developers have started embracing. While we fully expect our save data to transfer from a PS4 to a PS5, there’s no information if your progress can be shared across every platform. With the game still months away, there’s a strong chance this may be on the way — especially since cross-save will be available at launch.

What is Outriders?

For the unfamiliar, Outriders is a third-person action game where you play a human operative on the alien planet, Enoch. After being hit by an energy storm known as “The Anomaly,” your character receives special powers and is cryogenically frozen for 30 years. After awakening, you discover the once lush planet has been devastated, with humanity at war with one another. It should be noted that Outriders is not a game as a service like many others in this genre and will feature no PVP. There will be endgame content, but it will be released at launch. Unlike a lot of other looter shooters, Outriders is rated M, so expect a lot of blood and exploding bodies.

Gameplay appears to be relatively linear, but you can pick up four different classes each of which boast their own unique abilities that synergize with one another. This is the heart of Outriders, as the various powers you can use will help you turn the tide of a tricky fight. For example, the Trickster can slow down time around them, causing both your and enemy bullets to drastically slow down. While we are still quite far from Outriders’ release, this is definitely worth keeping an eye on if you’ve been looking for a new game to scratch that looter shooter itch.


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