Outriders Crafting Guide – How to Get Iron, Titanium, Leather, & Anomaly Shards

Outriders is the latest looter-shooter to release in this ever-growing genre. Developed by People Can Fly, this action RPG places you in the shoes of a cryogenically frozen soldier who has gained enhanced abilities thanks to a mysterious storm called the Anomaly. With four classes available upon release, players can bend time, ignite enemies on fire, summon powerful constructs, and shake the very planet.

Even though you will find quite a few powerful pieces of weapons and armor, you won’t unlock their true potential without crafting. This allows you to enhance, modify, and improve your gear. To do this you will need to first unlock Dr. Zahedi and then start hoarding crafting materials to spend. There are four kinds are Iron, Titanium, Leather, and Anomaly Shards, each are used for different aspects of crafting.

How to Get Crafting Materials

Before we get into the rarity of these materials and what they are used for, here’s a quick breakdown of how to get each of the four crafting materials. Keep in mind, I am currently around Level 20 and haven’t reached the endgame at the time of writing this. If more options become available once you complete the campaign I will add them in. But for most of you, this is how you’ll get these items during your journey through Outriders. I also won’t be including Scrap, mainly because that’s the in-game currency and not an actual crafting resource.

  • Leather – Dismantling armor and killing enemy animals/mutants, trading with the vendor in Trench City
  • Iron – Dismantling weapons and mining ore veins, trading with the vendor in Trench City
  • Titanium – Dismantling Epic or Legendary tier items, mining ore veins, possible drop from killing tough enemy, trading with Outrider Camp endgame vendor
  • Anomaly Shards – Dismantling anything, trading with Outrider Camp endgame vendor

Of the four, the two most common you’ll come across are Leather and Iron. This is because you will be killing and dismantling a lot of items throughout your journey. Since breaking down weapons and armor produces these materials, you’ll start building up an impressive stockpile. With that being said, Leather is far and away the most common of all the materials. There are a lot of enemy animals, especially as you progress further into Outriders’ campaign.

Outriders Iron Titanium Anomaly Shards

As for Iron, you’ll get a decent amount but since it never comes from enemies you’ll need to be diligent about dismantling all your guns. Also, make sure to keep your eyes open for any iron ore veins. These can typically be found along cliffs or natural walls. They will be clumps of rock that have a blueish glow to them. Holding the interact button will cause your Outrider to drill into the vein and produce some Iron.

Titanium won’t become prevalent until you start reaching the later parts of the game. This is because it mainly comes from dismantling Epic or Legendary tier items. You won’t even get your first Epic drop until you defeat the Eagle Eye camp boss, so don’t expect to see them until you’re around level 15-16. Titanium also drops from tougher enemies such as Captains. Finally, Anomaly Shards are some of the most important since they’re used to upgrade a weapon’s perk or level. Yet, despite coming from all dismantled items, you’ll only get like 1-2 at best.

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