Outer Worlds The Long Tomorrow Walkthrough – Quest Guide

The town of Edgewater is the first major hub location you’ll visit in The Outer Worlds. It’s a town wrought with misery and plague, a corporate-run settlement awash in oppressive bureaucracy. Early on, you’ll stumble upon Martin Abernathy, a man who asks you to head to a nearby community center in order to procure some “experimental anthrocillin,” a type of medicine he hopes will help him avoid contracting the illness.

After picking up the quest and leaving Abernathy’s house, you’re approached by Esther Blaine. She’s an HR manager for Spacer’s Choice, the company that runs the settlement. She says that Abernathy is a known hypochondriac, and that using the cache of medicine on him is wasteful when it could be used to treat townspeople that are actually sick with the plague. She implores you to bring the medicine to her, and not Abernathy, presenting you with your first major moral quandary in The Outer Worlds.  

Whatever your choice is, you’ll first have to actually find the anthrocillin. Here’s where to go and what to do to complete The Long Tomorrow in The Outer Worlds.

Go to the Community Center

The medicine is located in a community center that lies to the north of Edgewater proper. Be careful on your way, though, because some marauders can be found scavenging for loot along the road. Clear them out and your path will be unobstructed.

There are two entrances into the community center. The front door is the most obvious, but there’s a back entrance that will appeal to more stealthy players. Keep your eyes on the ground as you make your way to the rear of the building, though, because there are landmines defending the back door. Tripping one can send you flying and temporarily cripple your legs, significantly slowing your movement speed.

You’ll find the community center crawling with marauders. Remember that sneak attacks deal bonus damage, so it’s best to stay crouched before engaging in a firefight. Near the back entrance is a vending machine where you can buy a new gun if you feel like you’re lacking in firepower at this early stage in the game.

The entire first floor of the community center loops around on itself, and you’ll eventually stumble upon a locked door that leads to the medical room. As you might guess, this is where the medicine cache is. There are a couple ways to bypass the locked door. The first is to kill all the marauders in the building. One of the enemies hanging out in the upstairs office area should be carrying the keycard to the medical room. 

The other method is to use the terminal near the front entrance, provided your hacking skill is high enough. By doing this, you can encode a first aid keycard, giving you access to the medical room. Note that you will need a hacking skill of 25 or higher, though. Either way, once you grab the bag of medicine, you’re free return to Edgewater.

Before you leave the community center, make sure you’ve thoroughly explored the place. The main office on the first floor is hiding some great loot. If your lockpicking still is high enough, you can snag some weapons parts and mods. There’s also some decent armor and a gun in there.

Give the Medicine to Abernathy or Esther

At this point, there’s no avoiding the tough choice; you’re going to have to give the medicine to either Abernathy or Esther. From a gameplay standpoint, there’s not really much of an impact based on who you choose–it’s mostly a moral decision that adds some flavor to the world. You can squeeze some extra bits out of either Abernathy and Esther, though, if you use the Intimidate dialog option when turning in the quest. Esther offers 1000 bits, while Abernathy coughs up 800.

And that’s the quest! We hope this helps you with The Long Tomorrow quest in The Outer Worlds. Who did you choose to give the medicine to? Let us know in the comments below. 


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