The Outer Worlds Companions Guide – Where to Find All Party Members

Prepare for any situation with the right set of friends.

In The Outer Worlds, companions can be your lifeline. These party members provide powerful active abilities and passive bonuses — like stunning enemies and increasing your weight limit. There is very rarely ever a time not to take a companion (or two) along. And the sooner you get them, the better. Your companions also come with unique quests that are worth a ton of experience and other goodies. That’s why we created this guide to every companion in The Outer Worlds! Now let’s find those party members ASAP.

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Parvati – The Outer Worlds Companions

You can get her early on as part of the main story. Just don’t turn her away in Edgewater. Then let her come with you once you decide how to deal with the town. She will join you regardless of whether you side with the workers or the deserters.

Active Ability: Overload – An electrical melee attack that knocks enemies to the ground and knocks them unconscious for a short time. Automechanicals are just stunned.

Vicar Max – The Outer Worlds Companions

He will also offer to join you in Edgewater. Just make sure to speak with him when Parvati brings it up as an objective on your quest to get a power regulator. Do his side mission (to retrieve the book). Then don’t turn him down when he offers to join up, as well.

Vicar Max is the last party member you acquire on Terra-2. Once you’ve got him, and finish your business with the regulator, you’re free to go! Although you will be able to return to the planet later, anyway. So don’t fret if you forget anything.

Active Ability: Trickshot – This one knocks enemies down — making them unable to act for several seconds. It also increases the elemental damage they take for a short time and reduces all of their skill potency.

Party Members Outer Worlds Companions

Ellie – The Outer Worlds Companions

You first meet her in the Sick Bay on Groundbreaker. She has a friend inside that she owes for some reason. You need to get inside the Sick Bay quarantine zone and speak to Zoe: the friend of Ellie. This will kick off an easy side quest that just requires you to bribe Udom back at the embassy (the same place you go to get your ship out of impound).

To reach Zoe, you can slip past the doctors using the holographic disguise that Phineas gave you. Just be quick! Zoe is in a quarantined room just down the hall to your right as you enter from the front desk. She will not speak to you unless you spoke to Ellie first, though.

If you’re not confident in your ability to get past with the disguise, there’s also a secret entrance that starts at the back of the Rest-N-Go. Just go to the motel-like office on the promenade. There’s a small ventilation shaft on the ground floor — near the back of the left-hand corner of the building. Follow the tunnel all the way through, past the squatter’s “bedroom,” and through to the other side. This opens right into the restricted area of the hospital.

Once you finish Zoe’s request, speak to Ellie. She will offer to join you.

Active Ability: Quick Draw – Bleed and Disarm. Causes organic enemies to take damage over time, as well as removing enemies’ weapons for 15 seconds. Certain special enemies are also unaffected by the disarm.

Felix – The Outer Worlds Companions

You can actually begin the process of recruiting Felix before you meet Ellie. Just stop and speak to the man having an argument with a security guard right in front of your ship. They’ll be the first two people you see after arriving on Groundbreaker. Felix will tell you a tale about how he attacked his foreman and is now out of the job. Listen to him.

Once he’s done, you won’t see him again until you’re ready to leave Groundbreaker for the first time. Once you are, though, you’ll find him waiting just outside your ship. He wants a spot on your crew. Just choose any dialogue option that allows him to join.

Active Ability: Dropkick – This one applies a ton of status debuffs to the enemy target. Enemies get pushed back, have reduced Skill effectiveness, take increased physical damage, have all attributes reduced, and attack slower.

Party Members Outer Worlds Companions

SAM – The Outer Worlds Companions

Go to your Captain’s Quarters on the top floor of the Unreliable. There’s a non-functional robot waiting in an alcove outside. You can’t do anything with it. But there is a message on your terminal in the quarters themselves — describing an acid steeper that was never delivered. You need this to reactivate SAM.

The acid steeper itself can be found on Terra-2, outside the town of Roseway. Just swing by there after you get your ship out of impound on Groundbreaker. It is extremely easy (just one conversation) to get out of impound. You don’t even have to do a quest. Then bring the part back on-board, install it on SAM, and he will become available.

Active Ability: Decontaminate – This skill also knocks down enemies. However, it’s more effective against Automechanicals, deals damage over time, and reduces armor.

Nikoya – The Outer Worlds Companions

You meet Nikoya the first time you get to Monarch (assuming you got the Stellar Bay Nav Key and made port there). Phineas will give you a mission to go and find a “guide” to the planet, marking her on the map, so you can’t really miss her. Just make sure you mark your main story quest as primary once you get the Stellar Bay Nav Key and approach Monarch from that town.

Almost immediately after she begins following you, Nikoya will ask you to make a detour from your main quest. She prefers this to happen before you reach the radio tower on Monarch. Listening to her will save you some time, down the line, in completing her Companion Quest. So make sure you do as she says!

Active Ability: Barrage – Reduces armor by 30 percent for 15 seconds and deals damage over time.

And that’s all there are! The Outer Worlds only features six party members you can recruit at launch. Granted, they all provide pretty unique (and powerful) extra skills. Once you recruit someone, you can change them out by entering and exiting The Unreliable (your spaceship). And once in combat, you just have to hit left or right on the D-pad to use one of their skills. Best of luck making the best of these companions, stranger!


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