OlliOlli World Tips Guide – 13 Things the Game Doesn’t Tell You

Don't start off with the wrong foot.

At last, OlliOlli World introduces itself as a welcoming entry to the series. Compared to its predecessors, World has a bigger focus on exploration and a chiller vibe overall. The foundation of the previous games is present, but you’re no longer required to learn every single trick. Still, our OlliOlli World tips can help to get you up to speed.

OlliOlli World Tips

1. No, You Can’t Play on PC Without a Controller

In case you missed it on the store page, it’s not possible to play OlliOlli World with a mouse and keyboard. It makes sense considering the nature of the game, but it may be disappointing to hear since the original OlliOlli games did. Just be mindful before using that credit card.

As for compatibility, PlayStation and Xbox Controllers of both current and past generations will work right out of the bat. In terms of third-party controllers, that will depend on Steam’s own functionality — you should be able to use almost every controller via the Steam app. But just in case, here’s a helpful guide.

2. You Can Switch Songs at Any Time

It may not be the banger soundtrack of Tony Hawk’s Underground 2, but this game has some great tunes — your can circle between them pressing L1/LB and R1/RB at any time, in case you find a personal favorite and want to loop the track for a while.

3. To Access the Options Menu, Press B/Circle

Look, I spent more than a few seconds trying to search for the main menu while I was on the game’s overworld and there was no way around it. To avoid this from happening, press B/Circle and it will open up, revealing the tricktionary, settings, and more.

4. Rivals Are a Great Incentive To Practice Scoring

There’s nothing like competing against a stranger on the internet to really push ourselves. Every time you finish a level, and as long as you’re online, keep an eye on the scoreboard — you’ll notice another person’s score there too. This is a randomly selected rival that has done a higher score than you in their own session. Although there isn’t a way to, say, compete against a specific person, Rivals are a good incentive to replay levels.

OlliOlli World Tips 2

5. You Don’t Need To Be Doing Tricks All the Time

The OlliOlli series is known for being punishing, presenting a steep learning curve that could prove hit or miss for many folks. OlliOlli World presents the same foundation, but it’s much more welcoming. You’re unlocking cool cosmetics all the time, many challenges reward exploration rather than doing complicated combos (although those exist too), and there are both secrets and side missions to find.

Honestly, you don’t need to be doing tricks all the time. If you just want to play casually, you can still unlock new apparel items and progress through the game. If you’re ever inclined to practice more complicated tricks, you can always restart a level.

6. Manuals Are Key To Maintaining Your Combo

If you’re wondering how to string tricks together once you land to the ground, this is done with Manuals. Instead of landing regularly, hold either left or right on your left stick, and then press A/X once you land. This will automatically activate the Manual.

When you’re ready to continue the combo, release the left stick and keep on keeping on. It may be tricky (sorry) to pull off at first, but use the first few levels to practice it and it’ll become second nature in no time.

7. You Can Restart at Any Time, Not Just When You Fall Down

An important item in our OlliOlli World tips is that you don’t need to bang your head against the edge of a ramp to restart the level. If you’re not happy with your performance, or you see an alternate path or collectible you just missed, you can restart at any moment with Y/Triangle.

8. Restarting on a Checkpoint Doesn’t Erase Your Challenge Progress

Speaking of which, if you’re pursuing a challenge such as “avoid touching bananas” or something similar, using a checkpoint won’t erase your progress. This means that if you happen to accidentally touch a banana or missed an object, you can just tap Y/Triangle and be sent to the latest checkpoint to try again.

OlliOlli World Tips 3

9. Say It With Me: A/X Isn’t for Jumping

Look, it’s hard to get used to it, but it’s key to understand that A/X isn’t your jump button as early as possible. Think of your left hand as the main source of both tricks and jumps, whereas your right hand serves to compliment this by pushing to gain speed, doing the occasional wall run, and landing to do Manuals.

10. For Challenges, Sometimes You’ll Have to Adapt Your Playstyle and Go Slower

One of the OlliOlli World tips to keep in mind that is you’ll rarely be able to focus on both getting a high score and completing all challenges in one go. Some tasks force you to take it slow, avoiding to push early on so you can do a certain jump, or navigate detours that may not be suitable for combos.

It depends on what you want to do, but if you want to unlock specific cosmetic items that require challenges, try to focus on that first and foremost. Then, you’ll be able to replay the level and focus on your tricks alone, so there is no rush. The game doesn’t punish choosing one playstyle over the other!

11. You Can Sneak in a Couple Extra Points After Crossing the Finish Line

It’s a very short window, but whenever you’re about to cross a finish line, make sure to line up a trick and then follow up with a grab in mid-air, as this will give you a few extra points before you land on the ground.

12. Grabs Are Great for Ramps

Speaking of grabs, whenever you’re approaching a ramp, make sure to combine both a combo before it and following up with a grab in the air. Make sure to hold the grab until you touch the ground again.

13. It’s Always Best To Hold the A/X Button Rather Than Spam It

If you’re like me and tend to just smash buttons in every game in existence, it’s going to be hard but rewarding to unlearn that habit. While pushing with A/X repeatedly will increase your speed, it’s best to hold down rather than spam. It will take roughly the same time, and you’ll get the speed of a full push right away.

Best of luck in reaching Gnarvana! And if you’re wondering how multiplayer works, we have a guide for you.