Old Friends: Control Guide – Hiss Corrupted Locations & Tips

Finish the Old Friends side question in Control with this complete guide.

Given that the Federal Bureau of Control is based in the Oldest House — a supernatural, shape-shifting office building — I imagine it’s easy to get lost. Add the extra-dimensional invasion of the Hiss, and it’s understandable that a bunch of Rangers have gone missing in this Control side mission. Arish, our buddy in security, wants help finding his old squad mates who haven’t been seen since the Hiss invasion. He’s pretty sure they’re all toast (spoilers: he’s right), but he wants you to bring back the pouches they have on their uniforms. The squad are scattered across the Maintenance sector, but thankfully we have a guide explaining how you can find and beat them in our guide to the Old Friends mission in Control.

This side mission is first triggered when Arish makes his way to Central Executive from Maintenance, during the main mission called “The Face of the Enemy.” Speak to Arish in Central Executive and exhaust his dialogue options to begin the quest.

Control Hiss Corrupted Guy

Defeat Hiss Corrupted Guy – Old Friends Control Guide

Guy is in the Atlas Chamber. There’s a control point here that you can fast travel to, but be warned: This will drop you straight into the fight.

Guy is a Hiss Warped. He’s a big tough dude with a shield of swirling rocks and debris who also likes to hurl chunks at your face. The Launch ability is your best friend when dealing with Hiss Corrupted Guy. Throwing something at him will drop his shield, giving you plenty of time to light him up with your weapon of choice. There is also ample cover in this room if you need to hide from his return volleys, but honestly you can just keep him stun locked by flinging stuff at him when his shield goes up.

Control Hiss Corrupted Hazzard

Defeat Hiss Corrupted Hazzard – Old Friends Control Guide

Hiss Corrupted Hazzard is found in Black Rock Processing. There is no control point in here, but the best place to reach him from is the Atlas Chamber, which is convenient! You should already be there if you just fought Guy.

From the Atlas Chamber control point, head upstairs and into the control room (there should be a bunch of guards holed up in here). Move through this room and follow the in-world signs to Black Rock Processing. You’ll hear gunfire as you approach; our friend Hazzard is fighting some surviving guards.

Hiss Corrupted Hazard is a Hiss Trooper. He’s tough, armored, and has a grenade launcher. If you have the upgrade that lets you Launch grenades back at enemies, then this fight is a piece of cake! Just wait for him to shoot a grenade at you, then fire it back into his face. Otherwise just launch various bits of household furniture at him to drop his shield and shoot him. Use the Dodge ability to get out of the blast radius of any grenades he fires your way.

Control Hiss Corrupted Cho

Defeat Hiss Corrupted Cho – Old Friends Control Guide

Hiss Corrupted Cho is found in the Ventilation area — near the Janitor’s Office. Again, there is a convenient control point that you can fast travel to directly. From the control point, move south through the nearby door and Hiss Corrupted Cho will spawn.

Cho is a Hiss Ranger. He’s got a shotgun and offers… absolutely no challenge whatsoever. The only thing to worry about is the Hiss Cluster that spawns inside this room along with Cho. This will regenerate his health until you destroy it. Kill the Cluster, then put Cho out of his misery. Shoot him, throw something at him — it’s your choice!

Control Hiss Corrupted Thomson

Defeat Hiss Corrupted Thomson – Old Friends Control Guide

Hiss Corrupted Thomson is in the Black Rock Quarry itself. There is no control point in this area, but there is one nearby. You want to start at the Quarry Entrance. It looks like you have to enter through to the main area of the Quarry, but luckily the game is lying. Thomson will appear as soon as you try to move through the gate into the quarry.

Thomson is also a Hiss Ranger. He’s got a gun and likes to shoot you with it. He’s also incredibly weak, though. Launch some debris at him a few times and he should drop fast. Just watch out for the Astral Plane creatures in the room (the weird, glitchy looking things that can’t be killed).

Control Hiss Corrupted Heptonstall

Defeat Hiss Corrupted Heptonstall – Old Friends Control Guide

Hiss Corrupted Heptonstall is in the NSC Coolant Pumps area. There is a control point here that you can fast travel to, once again. Otherwise you can get here by taking the lift down from the south side of the NSC Power Plant area.

Heptonstall is a Hiss Distorted, which means he’s invisible. He’ll try to sneak up on you before appearing and hitting you with a concussive blast. Your shield will protect you from the blast, so just raise it as soon as he pops up and screams. Once his blast is done, drop the shield and pummel him. You can still see him when he’s invisible, too. The air around his location is distorted and wavy. If you can locate Hiss Corrupted Heptonstall, feel free to pop shots at him before he attacks. He doesn’t take much to beat anyway. Likewise, though, his blast will kill you in a couple of hits, so focus on defense above dealing damage.

Control Hiss Corrupted Remus

Defeat Hiss Corrupted Remus – Old Friends Control Guide

Hiss Corrupted Remus is the last of the Old Friends targets. He’s found in the NSC Energy Converters, which you can reach via a control point. If you don’t have this point unlocked yet, you can make your way to the Energy Converters from the central area in Maintenance, the NSC Power Plant. Whichever route you take, head inside and move up the stairs. Turn the corner and you’ll see a massive construct in front of you. As you approach it, Hiss Corrupted Remus will appear.

Remus is one tough cookie… He’s a souped-up Hiss Elevated, so he can fly and throw rocks at you with telekinesis. He also has a shield that regenerates if you leave him alone. He’ll dodge anything you Launch at him, too — unless he’s stunned or busy throwing something at you. Just keep the pressure up, use your Shield to block his projectiles, and wear him down. The Grip mode on the pistol is your best bet; it’s accurate and has a good clip size. Considering using an armor piercing mod as well, if you have one, since it will let you burn down his shield without relying on Launch.

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Wrapping Things Up – Old Friends Control Guide

With the squad all accounted for, head back up to Central Executive. Here you can hand the pouches over to Arish and complete the Old Friends side quest in Control. He’ll tell you the story behind each of the mementos and hand over some sweet upgrades as payment for your services. Congratulations!


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