How to Get No Time to Explain in Destiny 2 Beyond Light

Destiny 2: Beyond Light is almost here, so it’s time to throw on your ice climbing gear, grab your favorite non-sunset guns, and head to this icy moon. Players will encounter all manner of unique weapons and armor pieces that they can build their perfect Guardian around. Along with several brand new exotics, Beyond Light will also offer a returning favorite weapon from the original Destiny. Dubbed “No Time to Explain,” this pulse rifle is a rather powerful primary thanks to its new perk which creates a temporal orb that battles alongside you. However, obtaining this weapon is fairly simple, so long as you’re willing to spend some extra cash. If you’re not, be prepared to wait a few months before you can get your hands on it.

(Author’s Note: You need to complete Beyond Light’s campaign to earn the No Time to Explain and its catalyst. It is not bugged or in the Tower.

How to Get No Time to Explain

The first and currently only known method for obtaining No Time to Explain is by purchasing either Digital Deluxe Edition ($69.99) or Stand Edition + Season Pass ($49.99) of Beyond Light. This has been the main selling point of these editions along with the various cosmetic items and included seasons. Both include the Stranger’s Weapon Pack which includes the No Time to Explain and the exotic catalyst. You will not get this gun if you purchase the Standard Edition of the game, so if you are invested in Destiny 2 I recommend getting the version that comes with the season pass. You have to beat the entire campaign of Beyond Light and then speak to the Exo Stranger to earn this weapon.

Unfortunately, there’s been no word on what season this exotic weapon will be available following of Beyond Light. Most likely, when No Time to Explain releases it will be obtainable by simply decrypting an Exotic Engram. Until then, you will need to purchase one of these two editions to get your hands on this pulse rifle. Bungie confirmed on their website that all players will be able to acquire this weapon after Season 12 if you didn’t get it from purchasing one of the special editions of the game.

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For the unfamiliar, No Time to Explain boasts two unique features that make it a rather potent primary weapon. The first is that it will return ammo to the magazine for landing precision hits or shooting Stasis-inflicted enemies. This will not only let you damage beefier targets like majors but build up stacks that fuel the secondary perk. Once you’ve obtained a temporal portal will open that fires bullets at enemies around you. You can extend this portal’s duration by landing precision hits on enemies.  Think of it like summoning the Warlock’s Arc Soul, but with a gun. In the competitive field of exotic primary weapons, this addition gives No Time to Explain a competitive advantage since it allows you to pour on damage to a single target. Plus you can still summon an Arc Soul and make a mini-fireteam!