No Man’s Sky Repair Kit Guide – How to Get More Repair Kits

One of the more tedious processes in No Man’s Sky, especially for new players, is repairing broken ships, blasters, and more. Each of the busted components usually requires a certain amount of resources to fix. This value is normally around 50 percent of the component’s crafting cost including materials like Pure Ferrite, hermetic Seals, Di-hydrogen Jelly, and Metal Platings. As your equipment gets more advanced, the cost of repairing goes up and up as your technology gets more advanced. Thankfully, Hello Games has introduced a new item to help alleviate some of the pain: Repair Kits. But what are repair kits and how do you get more?

What Are Repair Kits?

As we just mentioned, Repair Kits allow you to fix any damaged component in place of the usual materials. If there are a few particularly expensive repairs you need to make, it may be more cost and time efficient to use a Repair Kit.

To be clear, you can not use these to repair your freighters or fleet. This is exclusively for repairing your equipment. We’re trying to confirm this at the moment, but we assume this also applies to damaged ships.

Added a new item, the Repair Kit. This can be used to repair any damaged subcomponent, in place of its required materials. The kit is consumed upon use.

How Much Are Repair Kits Worth?

About 50,000 units from what we’ve seen so far.

How Do You Get Repair Kits?

We’re still investigating this part. We can confirm that they can sometimes be found in Derelict Freighters though.

This is, of course, part of the new Desolation update for No Man’s Sky. It comes alongside new content like Derelict Freighters in which you explore procedurally generated, hazard filled abandoned freighters. Along the way you’ll encounter alien infestations and new unshackled security AI units. There are also new custom titles and quality of life improvements to freighter storage and player teleportation. For a full look at the patch notes, head on over to our news post.