Nightwave Weekly Warframe Guide: Rare Fish, K-Drive Races, Orokin Derelict Vaults

This week, Nightwave will force you to enter The Index and more.

The Saint of Altra update isn’t the only new thing in Warframe. Nightwave is back again this week with a new set of challenges! To start things off, you’ll want to make sure you have enough Cetus standing to purchase your Lanzo Fishing Spear and bait. If you only have the free K-Drive and you’re farmed enough Ventkids Standing, consider building your own to make finding and completing your races easier. While you’re at it, maybe take Gauss for a spin and test out his new abilities.

Nightwave is the system for weekly and daily challenges in Warframe. Completing challenges rewards players with Standing to increase their Nightwave level. Every level has new rewards. You can access Nightwave through your ship’s Navigation console, the Nightwave banner on the top right or through radio scanner.

This week, players will most likely struggle with the Day Trader challenge — mostly because The Index is no fun to play and stopping the enemy from scoring can be difficult. Find out how to surmount this week’s Nightwave challenges below!

Warframe Nightwave Weekly Challenges (4,500 Standing Each)

 Earth Fisher: Catch 6 Rare Fish in the Plains of Eidolon

Murkray are the easiest rare fish to catch on the Plains because they spawn any time of the day. The best Murkray location in Warframe also appears to be the coastline in the far southeast corner of the map. Lastly, other rare fish include Norg, Cuthol and Glappid.

Make sure to purchase and equip the Lanzo Fishing Spear and Murkray Bait before journey out onto the Plains. It also helps to bring some Luminous Dye to make it easier to see fish in the water when used. This is helpful both at night and during the day.

Now Boarding: Complete 3 different K-Drive races in Orb Vallis

Players who do not have a K-Drive can get a free one after completing the Vox Solaris quest.

There are always five active races on the map at a time. Players with crafted boards can view current available races on their map while riding. Speak to Boon and the race begins, spawning orange rings to pass through. You don’t need to worry about your score; just complete the race on time!

Protector: Complete 3 Mobile Defense missions

Everyone will have their own personal preferences when it comes to any Defense or Survival mission. Players who want an easy, low-micro experience should bring Inaros, Frost, or Gara for their shield abilities and survivability.

Players who aren’t afraid of losing or dying can run a Nova with a Speed build to make the waves move quicker.

Supporter: Complete 10 Syndicate missions

Syndicate missions are accessed in the Navigation menu. They vary from day to day, and typically aren’t very hard.

Vault Looter: Unlock 4 Orokin Derelict Vaults 

To access the Orokin Derelict Vault, players will need to craft a Dragon Key in their clan Dojo. The keys need to be equipped in your gear slot before going into the mission. With the exception of Defense and Assassin Orokin Derelict missions, every mission will spawn a single vault with a randomized lock.

There are four types of keys each with their own special debuff inflicted on the player. The fastest way to clear vaults is with a group of four with each of the different keys equipped. This lightens the debuff burden and makes searching the map for the vault a lot quicker. Check the public Recruitment channel for players forming Orokin Derelict groups, or advertise your own team from there!

Warframe Sait of Altra Update

Warframe Nightwave Elite Weekly Challenges (7,000 Standing Each)

Day Trader: Win 3 wagers in a row without letting the enemy score in one match of The Index

Ugh. The Index. This mission type remains one of the more joyless experiences in Warframe… This particular Nightwave challenge doesn’t help matters, either. Players will need to focus on survival, scoring points, and preventing the enemy from scoring at all costs.

First, select the lowest wager. You don’t want to make this any more painful than it needs to be! Then I suggest bringing Excalibur Umbra (for his passive ability) or Wukong (for his first ability) with your preferred sniper or a Kohm to auto-target the enemies.

Frames such as Khora, Limbo, or Atlas (with his wall augment mod equipped) all have abilities which can prevent the enemy from cashing in their points. Best of luck with this one!

Hold Your Breath: Survive over 30 minutes in Kuva Survival

The same general strategy for Defense missions applies here: Bring your preferred defensive Warframe. Nekros’ Life Support ability and Khora’s Strangledome (with its Syndicate augment mod) are extremely effective for long Survival runs.

This should make some of the more daunting challenges this week a bit easier. Sometimes we Warframe players must accept our fate and enter The Index. However, that sweet, sweet Nightwave Standing is worth it in the end. And hey! You’ll farm credits a bit while you’re at it. See you next week for the next Weekly Nightwave Report.


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