Nier Replicant Ending E Guide – How to Get the New Ending

If you’ve played 2017’s Nier: Automata, you’re already aware of the series’ fascination with multiple endings. From the serious to the silly and everything in between. There were 26 different endings to experience in total. Though most of them were different variations of failure, unlocking the big ones is always a priority for people experiencing the title. Nier Replicant ver.1.22474487139 is somewhere between a remake and a remaster of the original Nier Replicant (2010) which was only released in Japan. The endings remain the same with one exception: the addition of a new ending. In this guide, we’ll tell you exactly how to get the illusive Ending E.

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How to Get Ending E in Nier Replicant

To get Ending E, you first need to get endings A, B, C, and D. You’ll get the first just from finishing the game a first time. Once you’ve done that, load the cleared save file and play through the second half of the game for Ending B. This comes with new dialogue and scenes so it differs a bit from your first playthrough.

After that, things get more difficult. You won’t get Ending C until you have 100 percent of the game’s weapons. Most of these are purchasable but some are story and side quest rewards. Three are in Nier’s mother’s journal inE his house available on Route B and beyond. Most of this playthrough will look with same with a few new cutscenes. After you have every weapon in the game, beat the game again for Ending C.

After finishing Route C, make the choice to kill rather than save. This way you can reload the previous mailbox save and replay the last hour of the game. You can also play through the second half of the game again, but simply reloading your previous save is much faster. Now choose to save rather than kill. This will delete all your save data – not just the slot you’re in, but everything you’ve ever done.

After all the files have been deleted and you’re left with a completely clean slate, start a new game. Absolutely crucially, you need to pick a new name from the previous ABCD playthrough. So if you chose Nier before, you can’t choose Nier again this time. After starting a new game, begin playing up until you fight Hook for the second time in The Aerie (the big lizard-like Shade). You’re free to skip any cutscenes up to this point as nothing will have changed, but after defeating Hook, the game will say “This memory cannot be stopped” if you try to skip. At that point, you’re on track for Ending E and all you have to do is complete the game one final time.

Fanbyte News Editor Imran Khan contributed to this guide.