New World Server Transfer Guide: When Will Servers Merge?

Low pop servers still have a while to wait

Back when New World was first released, Amazon Game Studios promised it would offer server transfers for users who weren’t able to join their friends because of long queue times. Now that the release hype has died down some, a lot of players are looking for ways to transfer to the servers that their friends are playing on.

Unfortunately, transferring a character isn’t as simple as buying a transfer, and a lot of people aren’t able to make use of the tokens that Amazon gave away for free after the MMO’s release. Server merges are another option that people are waiting on, too, especially on servers where most of the population has stopped playing, leaving people in sparsely populated worlds. If you’re in either of these camps, you aren’t alone. Here’s everything we know right now about server merges and server transfers.

What Happened to Server Transfers?

Amazon added the option to transfer servers starting in update 1.0.3. The patch released in mid-October granted players one free World Transfer Token they could redeem from the in-game store. Once redeemed, all you had to do was choose the server you wanted to move to, and all of your progress would be moved over.

There were, of course, some restrictions. You couldn’t move to servers where your faction was already the most dominant, and you had to stay within the same general world and region. Now, though, a lot of players have found that they don’t have access to the server transfer function. This isn’t a bug, though. At the end of November, Amazon actually disabled server transfers for new players — as well as players that hadn’t been active during the initial token drop.

If you weren’t playing when the patch with the transfers was released in mid-October, then you probably didn’t receive a transfer token. Additionally, Amazon says that it removed the option for newer players to keep people from farming nodes on smaller populated servers, then moving to their main server. So, if you missed out, there’s no real window for when AGS is going to bring more transfer options around.

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When Will We Get Server Merges?

Another big topic of conversation in the New World community right now is server merges. Because Amazon had to launch so many servers at release, a lot of them are suffering from lower populations now. Much like server transfers, though, merges aren’t available right now. AGS says it is working towards that, though. In the latest patch notes, for update 1.1.1, the developers noted that it lays the technical groundwork for server merges.

There’s a lot to take into account when looking into merging two different servers. Not only does Amazon have to account for the faction populations, but it also has to pay careful attention to how the map is broken up based on territory control. Because territory plays such a crucial part in New Worlds’ progression, the developers may need to take a while to ensure that everything works correctly when moving two servers together. There’s no official timetable on when server merges are expected to drop, so players will have to make due with their current populations until they do.


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