New World Rawhide Guide – Best Rawhide Farming Spots

It’s time to go hunting.

Rawhide is a basic crafting material and an important core resource in New World. And if you’re trying to craft a full set of gear, or just trying to upgrade your level in Leatherworking, you’re going to need a lot of Rawhide. To help speed up the process, we have a guide for some of the best locations to farm the material.

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Where to Find Rawhide

Rawhide can be harvested from defeated animals such as boars, wolves, lynxes, and mountain lions. Players will need to acquire a Skinning Knife in order to first gather the material. The first knife you get can be crafted during one of the opening quests, as you’ll need to kill and skin boars to gather meat that you can cook.

While you can usually find boars and wolves around most of the settlements found in New World, the three locations below contain many animals that drop Rawhide when skinned.

Fullmoon Den, First Light

The first location can be accessed at a very early level and found south of First Light, one of the game’s primary starting zones. Head south out of the settlement and across the water to Fullmoon Den. There are many wolves that spawn around this area and are quick kills. They’re also on a quick respawn timer, so you can usually gather up a few, kill them, and then skin them before they have a proper chance to respawn.

The only downside to this spot is that it is a starter zone. That means you could end up fighting with newer players who are searching for their first materials. This can also be a boon, though, as some higher-level players will often avoid these lower-level zones. Once you’ve leveled up a substantial amount, you should move on to the next farming zone we’ll cover, as the animals found here only drop a few Rawhide per kill.

Offal Grotto, Monarch’s Bluffs

It’s recommended you reach at least level 15 in order to successfully face off the enemies in this farming area. You’ll also need to have leveled your Skinning skill up to at least 40 before you can skin these enemies. Once you’ve hit those requirements, head to Offal Grotto in Monarch’s Bluffs, a den found west of the Achernar Gate Shrine. There are several lynxes that spawn around this area, and they will drop several pieces of Rawhide when killed.

This is considered by many players to be one of the best places to farm Rawhide, as you can often gather up to 4,000 in an hour. The biggest downside here is it is often frequented by many players because of how much Rawhide you can obtain. You’ll be fighting to skin all of your kills, and if you run into any nefarious players, you might not be able to earn nearly as much as you could in other locations with plenty of wildlife spawns.

Fort Ramos, Cutlass Keys

It’s worth noting that the third location we recommend for farming Rawhide won’t net you the same kind of numbers you’d get at Offal Grotto. However, you won’t have to fight for your kills nearly as much here. If you head down towards Fort Ramos in Cutlass Keys, you’ll find myriad animals you can hunt, including Tropical Boar, Leopards, and lost hounds. When skinned, these animals will reward you with 42-45 Rawhide per kill. Much like Offal Grotto, you’ll need to be a higher level to farm here — we recommend at least level 35 for this part of Cutlass Keys.

For this location, you should head down into the wooded areas surrounding the fort, as you’ll find more animals that way. You can then continue circling around the location, killing and skinning beasts you find along the way. Players can also equip better Skinning Knives, some of which can be imbued with better Yield bonuses. There are also boosters you can use to improve the Yield of skinning animals within certain areas. If possible, you should always try to skin within regions that your faction owns for even more of an improved return.