New World Logging Leveling Guide – How to Level Up Fast

Not every tree is created equal.

Logging is an important life skill in New World as it directly affects the types of wood you are able to acquire throughout the world. While you can theoretically just buy all the wood you ever need from the in-game trading market, you’d end up spending a lot of gold coins, which can be difficult to amass in Amazon’s MMO.

Despite being an important skill, Logging is arguably one of the most difficult skills to level up, especially as you start to reach higher levels. In this guide, we’ll go over the best ways to level up Logging quickly, allowing you to farm those more advanced wood types sooner.

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How to Level Logging Quickly

Players level Logging by chopping down various types of trees using different styles of axes. Like most of the gathering tools in New World, you can spec out your axe with different perks, to make gathering wood much easier. Starting out, you’ll only be able to make use of the Flint Axe, however, you can upgrade that to an Iron Axe after reaching level 10.

The type of axe you use to chop trees directly affects how quickly you chop down a tree, too, which plays a large part in how slow it is to level up your skill. Trees that take longer will ultimately give you more experience, as they are larger, but they’ll also take more time to chop down. It’s important to balance this as you move through the world. Look for medium-sized trees, as they give a decent amount of experience while not taking too long to harvest.

We also recommend grabbing an upgraded axe as quickly as you can. Not only will Iron and Steel axes make it easier to chop down trees, but you can often craft them with various perks that increase your overall Logging experience, too. All of this plays a part in how quickly you gain experience towards your next level.

When first starting out, you’ll only be able to harvest Young Trees and some Dead Trees. While quick to harvest, Dead Trees should be avoided as they do not give a lot of experience when gathered. Instead, focus on Young Trees and try to keep an eye out for groups of trees that appear to be gathered together on one stump. These give the most experience per tree, and if you find a few of those in an area, you can usually gain a couple of levels in Logging pretty quickly.

Once you hit level 50 in Logging, it’s best to move on to chopping down Mature Trees, as these will provide a much higher reward of experience for each one that you cut down. At this point, though, you’ll definitely need a Steel Axe if you haven’t upgraded yet, so be sure to craft one or look for one on the trading market that has a good set of perks to it.

You can also use certain attributes to increase your speed when chopping down trees. Allotting 50 points to Constitution provides an increased logging speed of ten percent, letting you grind through trees much faster. Slotting 200 points into Constitution will grant another ten percent, giving you a 20 percent increase overall. Finally, if you’re able to hit 300 points in Constitution, you get a 25 percent chance to chop down a tree in a single swing. These are more difficult milestones to hit, especially earlier in the game, but there are some bonuses out there you can take advantage of.