New World Housing Guide – Tiers, Storage, Taxes, & Cost Explained

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Houses can be a great asset in any MMO and New World is no different. On top of giving you a place to decorate and furnish, housing also serves two very important purposes in Amazon’s MMO. You can use it to put down more storage chests, letting you keep more materials and items than you can in the base storage sheds available in town. More importantly to some, you can also use your home as a recall point, taking you back to a settlement more quickly. In this guide, we’ll talk about the different types of houses available, as well as what you should look for when choosing a location you want to purchase.

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How Does Housing Work in New World?

Housing in New World is based on various plots of land which are available for sale within the main settlements found around the map. There are a multitude of different options, including different layouts. While choosing a layout you like is important, there are a few more things to keep in mind when choosing your first house.

First, you’ll want to take your current territory standing into account. You can increase this by completing quests and town projects. Once you reach Rank 10, you’ll be granted the ability to purchase your first home. Better houses aren’t typically available until you reach higher levels of standing like Rank 30, however

Consider the property tax of the given settlement. This tax is paid out weekly, and you’ll want to ensure it is a cost you can afford before agreeing to purchase a home in that particular area. It’s best to look for houses in your own faction’s settlements, though it is also recommended to go for houses in cities you visit often, to help make travel much easier.

Finally, think about how much crafting you do in that location. Because houses let you place down additional storage, you can make the most of those options by purchasing a home in a settlement where you often hold onto crafting materials.

All Housing Tiers and Bonuses

There are four tiers of housing available in New World and each tier determines the minimum property tax, as well as how many pets, storage pieces, and lights you can place down within that location. The tier of home also plays a large part in determining how quickly the recall cooldown is, with Tier 1 houses offering a four hour cooldown, versus the two hour cooldown of more expensive Tier 4 homes.

Here’s a quick breakdown of all the bonuses that each tier of housing offers:

Tier Cost Minimum Tax Cooldown Storage Furniture Limit Max Pets Max Lights Standing Requirement
1 5,000 250 4 hours 1 5 4 10
2 10,000 500 3 hours 2 6 6 15
3 15,000 750 2.5 hours 3 7 8 20
4 20,000 1,000 2 hours 4 8 10 30

It is also worth noting that the first home purchase you make is discounted by50 percent, including the weekly taxes. As such, it is recommended that you get your standing and gold up to a point where you can afford one of the more expensive homes. This will ensure you make use of the discount in the most efficient way possible.

How to Increase Storage With Housing

As noted above, you can increase the amount of storage you have in a town by adding specific furniture pieces to your home. There are currently two known furniture options that grant additional storage: the Hewn Log Storage Chest and the Iron Storage Chest. You need to have unlocked the correct Furnishing level to craft either of them. The Hewn Log Storage Chest adds 200 storage and the Iron Storage Chest adds 300 total storage to your maximum amount.

Once you have crafted the furniture, you must place it in your home. Head to the housing location that you purchased and follow the on-screen instructions to start placing furniture. Remember to keep the storage chest limit in mind when crafting or purchasing those additional items, too.