New World Friends Guide – Play with Friends, Change Starting Area

It’s dangerous to go alone.

One of the best things about playing MMOs is teaming up with others and grinding away at the various dungeons and raids that it has to offer. In New World, you can join up with Faction members to wage war on other settlements, but when you aren’t busy claiming new land for yourself, you might want to party up with your friends. This guide will show you how to play with friends in New World, and even how to invite them into your group.

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How to Add Friends in New World

If you’re heading out into the wilds of New World, bringing along a friend can be useful, and it can often be the difference between life and death against dangerous enemies. You can quickly add friends by searching their name, or by highlighting another user in the world and choosing to add them as a friend from a popup menu.

To add friends from the popup menu, simply approach the player that you want to send a request to and press “H.” This should bring up a small menu where you can take part in a few different actions, including adding them as a friend. Choose “Add Friend” and a friend request will be sent to that person.

Alternatively, if you’re playing with people you already know, you can search for their names directly. Press “O” on the keyboard to bring up the Social Menu and then use the search bar at the top to enter in the player’s name. Their character should pop up in the search results, and then you can click on it to be given a menu full of different options, including the Add Friend button.

How to Party Up

Now that you’ve learned how to add people to your friends’ list, it’s time to talk about joining a group. Group play is one of the most basic ways to play with others in New World, and it can be done by inviting friends — or even anyone else for that matter — to your group.

To invite someone to your group, approach them and press “H”. This will pull up a small menu with several options. Click “Invite to Group” to send a request to the other player.

The other way you can invite players to your group is to open up your Social Menu using “O” on the keyboard, and then click on the player’s name. Once the options pop up, select the “Invite to Group” button.

If you plan to play with friends, everyone in the group has to use the same playstyle. New World relies heavily on PVP (player-versus-player) combat to control the way the world works. Players can change between PVP and PVE (player-versus-environment) at any point when inside of a town by pressing “U” on the keyboard. All players in a group must be using the same playstyle when trying to form a group so make sure to swap before attempting to group up.

How to Get the Same Starting Area

While you can technically play with friends at any point in New World, getting everyone together in the same starting area ensures you can follow the main questline together. Because your start point is chosen randomly, you don’t have much control over where your journey begins. However, there is a small trick you can do which lets you choose your starting area.

First, you need to make your way through the character selection and tutorial. Once you arrive on the beach, you’ll be tasked with talking to someone near a watchtower. Approach and speak with them to complete the first quest. You’ll be rewarded with a pair of boots. After getting the boots, you will immediately be thrust into another bit of dialogue for a second quest. Do not accept this mission.

Instead, back out of the menu and open your map. You should see an exclamation point over the watchtower near you, as well as watchtowers in the other starting areas on the map. All you need to do now is walk to another watchtower and pick the quest up again to start completing it with your friends in that territory.

If you do happen to accept the next part of the quest before canceling, you’ll have to either back out and make a new character, or just deal with questing in that starter territory until the main quest takes you to other places. You can still travel to the other regions on the map and complete side quests with your friends, you just won’t be able to do the first few missions within the main story together.