New World Fast Travel Guide – How to Get Azoth

If you wanna go fast, it’s gonna cost you.

Getting around in New World can take a while, especially as you level up and move between towns and regions. Since there aren’t any mounts in the game, you’ll end up walking and running your way across the map more than a few times. Luckily, there is a way to fast travel, but it isn’t readily available right at the start of the game. The other bad news? It’s going to cost Azoth, a special currency you can earn a few different ways along your journey. This New World guide will show you how to fast travel as well as how to earn Azoth.

How Does Fast Travel Work in New World?

Fast traveling in New World is technically tied to two different systems: the shrine system, which relies on you finding different shrines around the world, and the recall system, which is tied to camps, player-owned houses, and the various inns that you can find around town.

First, we’ll cover the base fast travel system. This is tied directly to the shrines you’ll find around the map, as well as Azoth, a premium currency you can acquire as you complete quests and explore the world. These shrines can be found throughout the various regions that you explore, and can always be seen on the map by looking for points of interest — which are marked by question marks on your map and compass.

To activate a fast travel shrine, you need to approach it and interact with it. Once you select the shrine that you want to travel to, you’ll then need to pay a certain amount of Azoth to travel. This amount increases based on the amount of equipment and resources you have in your inventory.

How Does Recalling Work in New World?

Recalling is another form of fast travel in New World, however, it isn’t tied to fast travel shrines. Instead, it is tied to player-owned homes and inns. Inns can be found inside of every settlement within the different regions of the map. Players can approach the inn and interact with them to “check-in.” Once checked in, you can recall to the inn that you are checked into at any point.

To recall to an inn, locate the settlement that you’re checked in at on your map, and then choose the Recall Inn option. It won’t cost any Azoth to travel back to the inn, but it will start a 60-minute cooldown timer. Once you have earned enough standing in a territory, you can purchase a home which also works as a recall point.

How to Get Azoth

Because Azoth is such an important material, you’re going to want to make sure you always have a surplus of it in your inventory. The main way you earn more Azoth is by completing quests — main quests and side quests can both reward you with Azoth, though most of the time it only comes in bundles of 20 or so.

Another good way to earn Azoth is through farming enemy mobs that are over level 20. The drop rate on Azoth isn’t as high as gold or other resources you can find on enemies, but it can be acquired by killing these more powerful mobs. While fighting, look out for a blue hue around enemies, as this signifies that they have a high Azoth drop rate.

You’ll use Azoth a lot throughout your time in New World, so it’s always a good idea to set aside some time to farm for it. This will ensure you can always fast travel when you need to, and that you can use it in any crafting recipes you might find yourself wanting to work on.