Neon White Tips Guide: 8 Things the Game Doesn’t Tell You

From what to do first to replaying levels, here are 8 tips on Neon White.

Neon White tips are bound to come in handy, as the latest from developer Angel Matrix and Annapurna Interactive is quite a challenge. Embodying a protagonist of the same name, Neon White takes you through bite-sized levels in heaven as you run to kill demons time and time again. But getting through a stage is just the start, as replaying them can give you all sorts of rewards, as well as a massive satisfaction. For this, here are 8 things the game doesn’t tell you, which should be helpful for when you’re just starting your visit.

Neon White Tips 2

Neon White Tips

1. Please, Finish the First Few Levels ASAP

Once you begin playing through the game, you’ll be introduced to 10 levels that serve mostly as a tutorial. While it may be tempting to restart them over and over in order to beat high scores from the leaderboards, I recommend getting through all of them to gain access to the hub. This opens up the story a bit more, and without spoiling, you’ll have a reason to actually return and beat some of your own performances in order to advance through the chapters.

2. Rely on Water Until the Very Last Second

This is dependent on the level you’re playing, but if there are paths where you need to combine sliding on the water with a jump towards the end, always stay in the water until the very last second, which is going to save you a ton of time.

3. Follow the Hints When Replaying Levels

Hints are there for a reason — don’t think of them as cheating, as levels can be quite complex even if they’re short in nature. Follow that cue and you’ll actually make the most out of the level each time. From there, it’s up to you to see how much further you can actually push it.

4. You Can Only Fast Forward Entire Convos, Not Make Them Go Faster

Watch out for this in case you don’t want to skip several conversations or cutscenes, especially during story-heavy moments. It would be nice to have the option for dialogue to just transition automatically, but that’s not present for the time being.

Neon White Tips 3

5. Head to Believer’s Park During Your First Visit to the Hub

After completing Mission 1 in Neon White, you’ll gain access to the overworld hub. While I recommend you to pay a visit often, start by heading over to Believer’s Park on your first time there. After talking to the Believer, you’ll gain access to the Neon Bar, which is where you’ll be able to chat with characters and give them gifts throughout the game.

6. And Also, Grab the Journal From White’s Room

Just in case you’re rushing to the next set of levels. Here you can see the Social Links equivalent of the gift feature via every character individually, and what you can unlock next (dialogue, sidequests, and so on.)

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7. Yes, You Can Swap The Cards in Your Hand

While discarding cards is something you’ll be doing often, there will be times when a quick swap is more beneficial. For this, press ‘Q’ on PC, or whichever controller button you’ve assigned to it (you can always check this on the settings menu). Believe me, the sooner you can get used to this, the better you’ll perform in the short to long run.

8. Strafing is Your Best Friend

It’s not uncommon to find yourself in segments where you have nothing else to do but sprint towards a weapon. This is a slow process as the default speed for White isn’t exactly the fastest, and it’s only amplified after you discard certain weapons or use water, for example. That being said, jumping is your best friend. If you happen to be in one of these situations at the start of the level, make sure to jump forward as soon as the level starts, and take it from there. It may sound like a simple enough advice for our Neon White tips guide, but if you get used to strafing early on (which is the action to continue jumping as you move as soon as you hit the ground), especially when you land on top of cards, you will never be walking again.