My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero Tier List

Don’t be consumed by gacha. Only villains do that.

My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero is out now for global users, and it features almost all of your favorite characters from the show. As a gacha game, Strongest Hero’s best characters are most easily obtained by opening up your wallet and dropping a lot of money. (Don’t do this). However, some extremely good characters can be obtained via the Event Shop. Are you curious what units are best to focus on? We got a tier list for you down below for My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero!

Usual disclaimer – the tier list is split between PvE and PvP usability, and units are ranked based on viability – they are not ranked based on future-proofness, so buyer beware! Your favorite hero could become obsolete down the line. Finally, this list is based on my own research and experience – you may find that you really like how a character plays, and that is perfectly OK! Just don’t be surprised when your Asui gets steamrolled by another player’s Aizawa in the arena.

MHA: Strongest Hero Tier List

Character PvP PvE Notes
Aizawa S S EraserHead is essentially untouchable at the moment, aside from other players’ Tokoyami or All Might. If you obtain Aizawa, you should focus on building him up immediately.
All Might S S Similar to Aizawa, All Might is a fearsome contender for “best unit”. If you don’t have Aizawa, All Might is an extremely good primary unit to focus on.
Asui B B Asui unfortunately suffers from an extremely odd attack animation and combo pattern – this can catch players off guard in PvP, but is less useful in PvE.
Bakugo C B Sweaty Palms Bakugo unfortunately lacks a lot of power or utility to really be useful in anything except PvE. Not recommended.
Deku A A Deku is just a solid unit all around. Great damage, good combos, and solid utility all makes for the most well-rounded unit you could ask for. If Aizawa and All Might didn’t exist, Deku would absolutely be an S-Rank.
Iida C C Class President Iida is unfortunately just mediocre in all aspects. Not recommended.
Kaminari B B Kaminari is only at B Rank because of the value of the higher ranked units – an extremely effective starter unit, Kaminari can really carry you until the end-game if you let him. 
Kirishima A B Kirishima is arguably the highest skill ceiling character in this list – requiring a fair amount of mindgames to successfully use in PvP. Effective when it works, extremely punishable when it doesn’t.
Mineta C C Mineta is unfortunately just as useless as Iida, except for one specific thing – his Raid utility is actually of significant use. PvE rating would be higher if not for all of the other units above him.
Ojiro C C Can’t recommend Ojiro. Solid attacks, but not enough to shine above other available units. Probably the best of the 3 C Rankers.
Todoroki B A While it pains me to say that Todoroki is lackluster in PvP, he shines extremely well in PvE and Raids.
Tokoyami S S If you were wondering what the answer to Aizawa and All Might was (aside from, well, another Aizawa or All Might), Tokoyami is that answer. Extremely sturdy with a very effective kit.
Uraraka A A Uraraka is similar to Deku – fantastic all rounder with an excellent kit, and frankly, only at A Rank because of the threat of Aizawa and All Might.
Yayoruzu A S Yayoruzu is borderline A/B Rank in PvP – at first blush, she seems really strong, but there is very little strategy or wiggle room for mindgames with her kit, and so she becomes predictable. She really shines in PvE, however.

That’s the list! I do want to note that in the relative near future, Endeavor will be releasing, and that appears to be the counter play to All Might, but of course there’s no accounting for player skill. Do you agree with the list? Are you really so obsessed with Kaminari that you think he should be S Rank? Let us know down below!


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