MultiVersus Tier List – Best Characters in the MultiVersus Open Beta, Ranked

Here's our definitive MultiVersus tier list rankings for July's Open Beta. Don't yell at us, we're right.

The fighting dream of fever dreams is finally coming to open beta, so it’s the perfect time to rank the best and worst MultiVersus characters in a tier list. After spending hours in the MultiVersus alpha, and now diving into the beta, it is finally clear where these characters stand. We stand confidently behind our choices, as you scroll further you’ll be able to grasp our reasoning behind each higher tier placement. We currently don’t have rankings for Rick Sanchez or Morty Sanchez, but will be adding those as soon as we check out their power levels. I cannot believe I just wrote that sentence.

If you find yourself asking “Who are the best characters in MultiVersus?” then you’ll be sure to enjoy our definitive open beta tier list!

Have fun scrolling and feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments below, but you have to be nice about it because we’re sensitive. We will be updating this frequently as the game gets patched, so stay tuned to see how the MultiVersus characters are ranked throughout each update.

D TIER – Worst MultiVersus Characters

Shaggy (Scooby-Doo)

Shaggy MultiVersus Tier List - The Best Characters Multiversus Characters Ranked

He goes Super Saiyan, but it is kind of mid.

Garnet (Steven Universe)

Overly complex, and the reward from that complexity isn’t even that much damage.

C TIER – Okay MultiVersus Characters

Batman (DC Comics)

Bruce!!! You should be cooler!!! Other than the grappling hook recovery/chase option, Batman is a very lackluster character.

B Tier – All MultiVersus Characters Ranked

Arya Stark (Game of Thrones)

She is so complicated it will take a year for someone to be clean with her. Once that happens, she will vault to the top of this list.

Reindog (MultiVersus)

I freaking love this guy. No notes, just enjoy him. He’s low on this list because his moves feel like they are drenched in molasses, but one day he’s gonna be a star.

Jake The Dog (Adventure Time)

Jake the Dog

The Super Smash Bros.-style Kirby of this video game. Lots of gimmicks, but none of them pack a huge punch. His skateboard is a great overhead move with a ton of priority, so the smarter Jakes will be repeating that input until the world ends.

Superman (DC Comics)

Kal-El. More like Kal-L because he isn’t that good in this game. I’m joking… I’m joking… Superman has a lot of super armor on his moves, which makes him a really tough target to fight against if you don’t have the right tools. Luckily, many characters come equipped with one or two armor-breaking moves, so he isn’t a huge threat if your team’s draft is prepared to face Krypton’s champion.

LeBron James (Real Life)

It’s not a dream. You’re awake, and LeBron James he is Freaking Balling!!!! LeBron’s moves are actually so well thought out. He can shoot his ball with a few of his moves, and when he is without his beloved rock you gain another arsenal of almost as powerful moves. His strength comes from the basketball plays, but with proper handling this character can come alive in a way unlike any other. He’s also a perfect fit for the 2v2 mode with his alley-oop mechanic; it serves as a seemingly impossible recovery and also an effortless power strike. In MultiVersus, LeBron James harnesses an incredibly balanced offense and defense that aides teammates and dunks on enemies. His only current downfall is that his moves are a bit too predictable, giving enemies a lot of time to react and reposition for the advantage.

A Tier – The Best MultiVersus Characters

Steven Universe (Steven Universe)

At the end of the day, he’s just a little guy.

Taz (Looney Tunes)

He goes silly mode. His spin feels a bit overpowered, but honestly the rest of his kit is lacking so he doesn’t feel overpowered at all. I thoroughly enjoy how he can turn enemies into a cooked turkey. We need more of that in video games.

Tom and Jerry (Tom and Jerry)

Tom and Jerry are here and they hate each other; I don’t really know why, because they’re a top tier MultiVersus team. The duo known to some as Tomming Jerry can easily dominate a whole stage with their slapstick antics. Like Bugs, there is a deep potential locked behind these two animals, but as of now they sit comfortably in our list of MultiVersus characters ranked.

Harley Quinn (DC Comics)

Harley Quinn MultiVersus Tier List - The Best Characters in the Multiversus Open Beta, Multiversus Characters Ranked

Just in time for season 3 of her own show, Harley Quinn swings hammer-first into MultiVersus. Harley is a harbinger of destruction and her playable incarnation stays true to herself. The only unexpected part of her appearance here is the deep focus her playstyle puts on strategy and spacing.

To win with Harley you need to be conniving and think dirty, MultiVersus rewards these traits tenfold. A proper Harley setup devastates not only the ground, but the aerial playing field as well. Her bombs and balloons can throw a wrench into so many characters’ bread and butters, opening up space for you or your teammate to rack up damage. Unrelated, but I’m so happy Harley is in this and not the Joker. That dude is in way too much media. We get it guy, you’re a clown hack and you’re twisted!!!

Iron Giant (The Iron Giant)

Iron Giant is the most recent addition to the Multiversus cast, and while it is experimental, it’s hard to do poorly while playing as it. Where most characters have sentences describing their abilities, Iron Giant has paragraphs upon paragraphs. He has gray health, a unique flying mechanic, and a rage mode. Its rage mode is ridiculous. It supercharges all of its abilities so you can kind of just faceroll your controller to get decent damage onto your opponents. Allies can also pilot Iron Giant in rage mode, so you can play out your mech fantasies in real time during battles. You stay, I carry.

Velma (Scooby-Doo)

Hands down, Velma is one of the best fighting game realizations of an already existing character. Her Motivational Speaker and Calculated Victory moves are hilariously executed (and very useful), but they pale in comparison to her dastardly passive ability called Snoopin’.

While she’s fighting or using certain moves, Evidence will appear around the map. Once Velma and her ally collect enough evidence, a police car spawns and seeks out the nearest enemy. If the car touches an enemy, it stuns them, and drives them off the map if they don’t mash enough. Now, I want to make it abundantly clear that it is Fuck cops ACAB all season, but I cannot deny that this is a well designed move. It is genuinely frightening to see an enemy Velma charge up that Evidence bar, because when that car comes on the fight gets way more hectic.

S Tier – The Best MultiVersus Characters

Bugs Bunny (Looney Tunes)

Not gonna lie, Bugs Bunny’s kit is mad weird. It reminds me of a unicycle–I don’t quite get how all of the parts work, but seeing it in motion sparks a breathtaking feeling in my soul. His abilities other than they are all wacky, and powerful. From the spammable Ain’t I A Charmer charm move to the stage traversal that Bunny Burrow grants, Bugs is packed with potential.

The only reason he isn’t higher is because it doesn’t seem like many players grasp the full range of his kit, but his time ruling the meta will come… I’m sure of it. Then he will claim his rightful cartoon throne on the top of this MultiVersus tier list.

Finn the Human (Adventure Time)

Adventure Time may be a silly show, but Finn did not come to play around. Finn’s kit is frightening; he has multiple armor-shattering moves, a plentiful bunch of K.O. options, and a surprisingly well crafted shop mechanic. During Finn’s fights his foes drop coins, which you can use at the shop to purchase speed, armor, and a Toad-reminiscent BMO buff. Initially, these buffs might not pop out as strong, but they are relatively easy to secure consistently.

The speed and armor boosts also grant the buff to teammates, which helps to round out fragile and slower characters. Finn’s sword also just packs a massive punch; he has great range with it, and his passive ability to charge up his attacks allows you to rack up high amounts of percent with just a few moves.

Wonder Woman (DC Comics)

Wonder Woman MultiVersus Tier List - The Best Characters in the Multiversus Open Beta, Ranked

Great hera! Wonder Woman is busted. Wonder Woman lives up to her classification as Horizontal Tank by delivering some of the hardest hitting moves and defensive plays that Multiversus has to offer. She slots into almost any combo with armor-lending moves like Amazon Shout and Warrior’s Charge, she can beef up even the squishiest of assassins with Amazonian power.

Her most impactful moves are her Lasso of Truth (doubly so when you have the Perk that increases knockback) and Defense of the Gods, a dash that cleanses allies, and grants them an unbelievable knockback and damage absorbing shield. Wonder Woman sits at the top of our MultiVersus tier list because she is a one woman army with an absurdly powerful kit. Also, she’s not selfish! So many of her strengths go straight to her teammate. She’s so thoughtful.

Thanks for reading our MultiVersus Open Beta tier list! How do you feel about our placements? What is your personal list of MultiVersus characters ranked? Let us know in the comments!


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