MultiVersus Harley Quinn Guide – Combos, Best Perks, Skins, Tips

Learn how to play Harley Quinn in MultiVersus by understanding her kit, strengths, and weaknesses.

Want to obliterate your MultiVersus opponents in true Harley Quinn baseball-swinging style? The Joker’s former sidekick is one of the game’s strongest characters, so learning her abilities is time well spent. Make no mistake; Harley’s playstyle can be difficult to master, but once you get the hang of her baseball bat combos and Confetti-throwing attacks, you’ll be scoring Ringout after Ringout.

Harley Quinn belongs to the Assassin class and has a focus on vertical combat. If you want to unlock her permanently, it will cost you either 2,000 Gold or 700 Gleamium.

Harley Quinn Abilities

One of Harley’s most important abilities is her Confetti Time passive. To apply Confetti, use the Upwards Normal Attack while in air, the Downwards Special Attack (jack-in-the-box mine), or her Neutral Special Attack. Don’t forget to follow this up with some quick hits, as this is needed to activate the Ignite effect.

As you can probably tell by the way she swings her weapon up and down, Harley’s moves have a strong vertical focus. Performing combos that end in an upwards swing are a great way to knock out enemies.

Finally, remember that both the Special Upwards and Special Downwards attack have an air move refresh ability. It will come in handy while fighting off-platform.

Normal Attacks

  • Neutral Attack (Ground): Harley swings her mallet. Can be charged.
    • Neutral Attack (Air): Harley charges and swings her mallet downwards. The hit has a sweet spot in the latter half of the swing, meaning that it deals more damage when Harley hits the target behind her.
  • Side Attack (Ground): Harley kicks and swings her bat in a combo, ending with an upward swing.
    • Side Attack (Air): A combo of kicks that ends with Harley bouncing back from her enemy.
  • Upwards Attack (Ground): Charges an overhead swing. When fully charged, it will hit with an extra twirl before the swing.
    • Upwards Attack (Air): Harley fires her grenade launcher overhead, applying Confetti to enemies.
  • Downwards Attack (Ground): Performs a slide attack. Charging increases the distance of the slide. Press the button again to create a combo resulting in a forward kick.
    • Downwards Attack (Air): Charges up and fires a boxing glove downwards.

Special Attacks

  • Neutral Attack (Ground and Air): Push the button once to equip a bomb, then choose a direction and press again to throw it. The bomb will stick to other characters. Press the input again to detonate the bomb. This will deal damage and apply Confetti to nearby enemies while also refreshing allies’ air moves. All fighters are knocked back. Harley can throw multiple bombs until she runs out of ammo.
  • Side Attack (Ground and Air): Harley dashes forward, turns around, and fires a boxing glove in the direction she came from.
  • Upwards Attack (Ground and Air): Harley dashes upward while delivering a powerful swing with her baseball bat.
  • Downwards Attack (Ground and Air): Places a jack-in-the-box mine that detonates when an enemy touches it. This will knock them upwards and apply the Confetti effect. Allies can activate the mine by jumping while next to the box, refreshing their air moves. This attack has a cooldown.

Passive Abilities

  • Confetti Time: After applying Confetti to enemies, Harley (or allies) must knockback the victim multiple times to apply the Ignited status to them.
    • The Ignited effect deals damage over time. It can be stacked to increase the duration.
  • Glass Cannon: As an Assassin, Harley is faster and stronger than other characters, but also takes 14% additional damage.

Best Harley Quinn Perks

Signature Perks

  • Glove Control (Mastery Level 8): When she uses her Downwards Normal Attack while in air, Harley Quinn can change the direction of the boxing glove.
  • Smooth Moves (Mastery Level 10): Harley’s Ground and Air Special Attacks become dodges, meaning that they start with a brief moment of invincibility.
  • Confetti Explosion (Mastery Level 12): Instead of applying Ignited, the Confetti Time passive ability results in a large AoE explosion.

Best Perks to Equip

Smooth Moves is the best choice for beginning players, as the automatic dodge makes it easier to land hits. It’s especially great while using Special Side Attacks (prank shots), as it lets you dodge past an enemy and immediately hit them. However, it’s important to know that this Perk still drains your stamina. A more experienced player might prefer to dodge manually.

While Glove Control allows for much easier Confetti application, Confetti Explosion deals immediate damage and launches enemies upwards. The latter can be really handy if you follow it up with a combo, but Glove Control is a massive improvement to one of Harley’s best attacks. For that reason, Glove Control takes the crown as Harley’s best Perk.

As for normal Perks, Slippery Customer is highly recommended as it increases the dodge invulnerability duration by ten percent. Since Harley relies on air combat a lot, Triple Jump (third jump activated after hitting an enemy in air) is a great utility Perk. As for attack Perks, increased upwards attack damage, increased projectile damage, and increased damage against the opponent with the lowest HP are all very handy, but Make It Rain Dog is even better: this increases projectile speed by 20%.

How to Play as Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn Strengths

  • Harley has an extremely versatile move set with high damage and strong upwards knockback abilities.
  • The Ignited effect provides a relatively easy way to deal damage.
  • Harley can refresh air moves for herself and the team.
  • If you apply the Neutral Special Attack’s sticky bomb to Harley herself, it can save you from a downwards Ringout. Yes, that’s right; the bomb will explode, allowing Harley the chance to jump back up on the platform.

Harley Quinn Weaknesses

  • As an Assassin class, Harley takes additional damage.
  • Harley’s Special Side Attack, the prank shots, can be a bit confusing as they fire in the opposite direction. Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it after some practice, but it may cost you a few hits as a new Harley player.
  • The Downwards Special Attack’s jack-in-the-box mine can be destroyed by enemies’ projectiles. This isn’t a major problem if you use it to apply Confetti, but it can result in an untimely death if you needed it to refresh your Air moves.
  • It can be hard to connect Harley’s combos, especially if you experience lag.

Harley Quinn Tips and Best Combos

  • Focusing on Confetti attacks and triggering Ignite is a great starting point for new MultiVersus players. Start by throwing the sticky bomb (Special Neutral Attack) and follow it up with some quick hits to trigger the effect.
  • You can place the jack-in-the-box mine in the air. You might think it’s easy to avoid, but remember that you can slam your enemies upwards, right into the mine.
  • If you need a great starter combo that’s easy to master, try the Normal Sideways Attack combo (up to four hits) followed by the Special Upwards Attack. Fire the Normal Upwards Attack immediately after (while still in air) and you will apply Confetti to the victim.
  • Many players use the popular Harley Quinn loop: jump, Normal Side Attack (while in air), Normal Side Attack twice (after landing), turn around, and repeat. It’s a great way to trap your opponent.

Harley Quinn Skins

At the moment of writing, we’ve only seen two Harley Quinn skins: Mad Love and Task Force X. Mad Love is a variation of the original character design from the 1992 Batman: The Animated Series (see picture in the middle). You can buy this skin for 1500 Gleamium.

The other skin, Task Force X, is based on the 2021 Suicide Squad look (see right). However, as this was a Battle Pass reward during MultiVersus’ Closed Alpha, it’s no longer available. This Harley skin might make a return at a later date.


MultiVersus Finn Guide – Combos, Best Perks, Skins, Tips


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