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The latest set for Magic: The Gathering is just around the corner and it’s all about proving which wizarding school is superior. Set on the plane of Arcavios, Strixhaven revolves around five different colleges that are tied to a different color pairing. Similar to Ravnica, each group specifically revolves around certain themes and playstyles. While little is know about the schools and overall story, Wizards of the Coast did reveal that the magical twins Rowan and Will are returning. Last scene in Throne of Eldraine, it will be interesting to see if their story expands into the large Magic: The Gathering plot. If you’re looking to hop back into Standard or just need some cards for Commander, here’s everything you need to know about Strixhaven.

General Information

  • Name: Strixhaven
  • Release Date: April 15. 2021 (MTG Arena/MTG Online), April 23, 2021 (Paper)
  • Number of Cards: 275
  • Mechanics: Double-faced Cards, Magecraft, Learn, Lesson, Ward
  • Format Legality: Standard, Commander, Brawl, Pioneer, Draft, Sealed, Historic, Modern, Vintage, Pauper, Legacy

Strixhaven Release Date

If you’re looking to play Strixhaven as soon as possible you’ll want to log onto MTGO or MTG Arena on April 15. This is when the set releases digitally, but for paper players like myself we’ll need to wait until April 23. However, there will also be pre-release events between April 16-22. Keep in mind, with the pandemic still going on in multiple countries, you’ll want to personally check if your local game store is hosting an event. I know some are simply selling the pre-release kits allowing others to host their own matches.

Strixhaven Price

While stores can still determine how much MTG products go for, since this is a Standard set I do not expect any increases in price. This means your average booster pack will run you around $4, while a booster box is typically between $100-120 depending on which retailer or store you’re using. You shouldn’t have any trouble picking up a box, as this set doesn’t have a limited print run. Additionally, Collector Boosters will be returning for Strixhaven and are priced around $20-25 per booster with a Collector Booster Box costing around $220. Keep in mind, these are only for premium collectors, so unless you want alternate/full art cards this variant can be ignored.

Strixhaven Cards

Currently, only five cards from Strixhaven have been revealed, with previews beginning on March 25. We will update this list as new cards are revealed via social media and Wizards’ own blog posts.







MTG Strixhaven


Mystical Archive Cards

To no real surprise, Strixhaven will be including a sorcery and instant version of Zendikar’s Expeditions. What this means is, in every Draft and Set booster pack will contain one Mystical Archive card. Collector Boosters will also contain two normal and one foil Mystical Archive card. There are a total of 63 different Mystical Archive cards you can acquire. We also know that there will be Japanese variants that have different art for each of the English versions. These can be acquired in Japanese and all language set boosters, but the langue on the card will always be in Japanese.

Below you can see an example of the English and Japanese Demonic Tutors. So if you’re looking to pimp out a Commander deck or one for other formats, these are great items to hunt for. Just expect them to be very, very pricy.

Strixhaven Commander

Similar to the Ikoria set, Strixhaven will feature five 100 card Commander decks that players can purchase. Confirmed by senior designer Gavin Verhey in a Youtube video, we learned that each of the five decks will revolve around the different colleges. All of the main commanders will be professors, all of them with different themes and design philosophies.

Below are the five face commanders for each of the decks:

Strixenhaven Reveal Video


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