MTG Mechagodzilla Guide – How to Get the Mechagodzilla Promo Card

Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths is the latest set released for Magic: The Gathering and it’s all about big, terrifying monsters. Taking place on an entirely new plane, this set introduces a number of unique mechanics and brings back Cycling, which has been a favorite of the player-base since its inception. Along with a ton of new cards, Wizards of the Coast has joined forces with legendary film production studio Toho Co. to release some wicked, Godzilla-themed promos.

One of these is Mechagodzilla, which was an alternate art version of Crystalline Giant. However, a new version of Mechagodzilla has been announced as a buy-a-box promo for people willing to support their local game store (LGS).

MTG Mechagodzilla Buy a box promo

How to Get the Mechagodzilla Buy-a-Box Promo

 The Mechagodzilla Buy-a-Box promo will be available starting June 5 and currently does not have an end date. Once this date arrives, anyone who purchases a Magic: The Gathering Booster Box will receive this promo version of the Commander staple, Hangerback Walker with the Mechagodzilla alternate art. You can only receive this card by purchasing a booster box, but what the set is doesn’t matter. We reached out and confirmed this from Wizards of the Coast, so if you don’t want a box of Ikoria or Mystery Boosters then pick up something else. Your LGS should give you the Mechagodzilla promo, but there was no word on how many they are sending to each store.

Alternatively, you could wait a week or so and purchase the card from a third-party retailer. We suspect it will go for around $40-50 bucks since it’s both a heavily used card and an expensive alternate art. For the unfamiliar, Hangerback Walker is a 0/0 artifact that you can pay double X colorless mana to make it enter with +1/+1 counters. Used in a plethora of combos, the Hangerback Walker is also popular in sacrifice and token strategies. 

This promotion is not available through online retailers such as StarCityGames, as it’s meant to drive traffic back to local game stores. Additionally, you can also pick up a promo version of Reliquary Tower, which is another highly popular Commander land. You can get this promotional card by just purchasing any Magic: The Gathering product or participating in an event (even if it’s online) at your LGS. Finally, for those who participate in in-store events you could earn an art print from Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths. Obviously, this will depend entirely on where you live and if a store is even open.

The Mechagodzilla Buy-a-Box promo card will be available on June 5.


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