MTG Double Masters – Release Date, Cards, Box Toppers, & More

Did you really think there weren’t going to be any Masters sets? Announced earlier today, Wizards of the Coast will be releasing a new Masters set for Magic: The Gathering in early August. Titled “Double Masters,” this set will bring back tons of desperately needed reprints (hopefully) for the Modern format. Historically, these sets have been hit or miss with the community, mainly due to the sheer cost of the packs versus the actual price of the cards inside.

After the release of Ultimate Masters, Wizards of the Coast explained that they would be taking a break from this series to focus on other sets. This hiatus lasted a little under two years, but it will finally make a return in August. Unfortunately, this will most likely not be coming to MTG Arena, simply because the Modern format doesn’t exist there. The only possibility we see for it arriving in this game is in a limited environment such as Draft.

Keep in mind, we are still some time out before spoiler season presumably kicks off in July. Below is all the info we have right now, but we will be updating this in the months to come as new details are released.

General Information

  • Name: Double Masters
  • Release Date: August 7 (Paper), August 6 (Magic Online)
  • Number of Cards: 332
  • Mechanics/Themes: Artifacts, Flicker, Big Mana
  • Format Legality: Modern, Draft, Sealed, Commander, Legacy, Vintage
  • Price: $6.99 per Booster Pack (Magic Online)

Double Masters Release Date

Double Masters is scheduled to release on August 7 for paper players and August 6 for Magic Online users. There’s been no pre-release info released, most likely due to the COVID-19 outbreak. It’s hard to say if a lot of Local Game Stores, especially in heavily infected areas, will be open for players. If this is the case, we may see another online pre-release, similar to how Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths was handled.

Double Masters Cards

Currently, only two of the 332 cards for Double Masters have been revealed. We do know that this set will not feature any reprints of fetch lands, so expect those prices to only go up. Additionally, each Double Masters booster will feature two Rares/Mythics and two foil cards, which will certainly cause the price to skyrocket. Wizards of the Coast also revealed they will be releasing a VIP Edition of this set instead of the Collector Editions we get for Standard sets.

Here are the cards we know are coming to Double Masters:










Double Masters Box Toppers

Box Toppers are unsurprisingly making a return in Double Masters. Unlike the Ultimate Masters Box Toppers, these will not just be extended art versions of cards in the set, but alternate art versions that are exclusive to Double Masters. There will be 40 in total and there are two non-foil Box Toppers guaranteed in every booster box. For foil versions, you will need to purchase the very expensive VIP Edition booster packs or booster box.

Here are the Box Toppers that have been revealed for Double Masters:


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